Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rainbow Roses do Exist! Believe it or not!

Common roses that we know are red roses, blue roses, pink roses, white roses, yellow roses, or some other colors that u might know. But do you ever heard of "Rainbow Roses" or "Happy Roses" as shown in the picture below?

Believe it or not, rainbow roses do exist :) At first, i thought it was "photoshopped". But after doing a little "google-ing", i find this is real! Rainbow roses are real, they are really amazing flowers and can be bought at some selected flower shop around the world. But i never find it here, Indonesia i mean :(

Rainbow roses also called Happy roses, if you want to buy, follow this link :

The rainbow roses are invented by River Flowers and F.J. Zandbergen & Zn. River Flowers is specialised in the cultivation and the firm of Zandbergen is specialised in everything to do with roses. These special roses are made by inserting dye into the stem of the roses while they are growing, which results in the color being absorbed by the petals of the flower. They are not easy to make, as they take a bit of careful engineering. For more information about rainbow roses (happy roses), u may visit the official website :

According to wikipedia, the rainbow rose is available with different colour combinations. The most popular is the variant with all the colours of the rainbow. There are also the tropical variant with combinations of red or pink and yellow, and the ocean variant with combinations of green and blue. Other colour combinations are also possible, though black and white is impossible to make.

Here are some pictures of rainbow roses (happy roses). These are really amazing! I really can't imagine that in this world there's roses with rainbow colours :) wish i could see them with my own eyes and touch them with my hands :p

Saturday, 12 February 2011

when is your contact lens dangerous to your eye?

I don’t know who was the first person who thought sticking a piece of plastic on their eye would help their vision, but they sure hit on a big idea. Nowadays, contact lens has become a fashion accessory, especially among young people. Instead of using the glasses, people prefer to use contact lens that is believed to increase the beauty of their eyes. Contact lens are not only used by people who has trouble with their eyes (such as: minus). Young people also use contact lens for style, so their eyes may looks bigger or to change the color of their original eyes (this is possible with colored contact lens).
According to experts, improper wearing of contact lens causes changes in the cornea in terms of structure, turnover, tear production and carbon dioxide levels. Based on research conducted by several universities, they state that contact lens can cause blindness. Eye doctor also noted that the inflammation and pain resulting from the use of the contact lens can cause serious problems, including corneal abrasions and infection.

Why did this happen? It is because most of these people are not using their contact lens in the right way. Today I’m going to tell you about some of the most common and the most dangerous things people have done with their contact lens and what the results of that doing could be :) Here are the 5 most dangerous mistakes contact lens wearers make :

Sleeping in contact lens

Do not sleep in your contact lens unless your doctor specifically states that you can. Not all lenses are designed for overnight wear, and your own eyes may not be suitable for overnight lens wear. Sleeping in contact lens is the number one cause of infective corneal ulcers, which are severe eye infections. At best corneal ulcers are extremely painful and costly to treat and at worst could lead to the need for a corneal transplant or even loss of the entire eye. The reason overnight lens wear is so dangerous is because the lens on the eye provides a surface to which bacteria can cling. While sleeping, the environment underneath the eyelid is warm and moist, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The risk is also not cumulative, meaning it could happen on the very first night you sleep in your lenses or you may sleep in your lenses every night for 20 years without an incident, but every night the risk is the same.

Rinsing lenses with something other than contact lens solution

I hope none of you are doing this because this one is truly dangerous. You might as well pick up a big jar of bacteria and dump it in your eye. In every water source there are infectious agents that may be harmless in your stomach but can cause damage in the eyes. Always use fresh sterile contact lens solution to clean, rinse and store your contacts. NEVER use tap water, saliva, distilled water, or homemade solutions! These alternatives usually contain tiny micro-organisms that can cause painful sight-threatening infections. E.g : you’re in school and your contact lens came out but you don’t have any lens solution. Your options are to rinse it in the bathroom sink, rinse it in a water fountain, or rinse it in your mouth. Any one of these options may lead to the worst eye infection, maybe even leading to a corneal transplant or eye removal. Here’s two better options : find a school nurse who may have contact lens solution in her office, or throw the contact lens away. Never, ever for any reason rinse contact lens in anything other than contact lens solution.

Handling contact lens without washing hands

The risk of eye infection is higher because of constantly touching the eye to put the contact lens in and then take them out. Certainly, touching the eye and inserting a foreign object has the potential to introduce germs in the eye that can cause infections and a fungal discharge. Failure to wash one’s hands before handling a contact lens doubles the risk of infection. Some do not wash their hands correctly because they miss out the key areas like the finger tip, and the duration of hand washing is too short. For effective hand washing, the duration should be about a minute. So, always wash and dry your hands before handling a contact lens.

Improper handling of contact lens case

According to the experts, a survey found that among contact lens users, 38% do not clean the lens case, 6% share their contact lens case and less than 30% comply with proper handling of contact lens cases. Lens cases for contact lens must also be kept clean. A case that isn’t properly cleaned can be a breeding ground for bacteria in the same way that improperly cleansed contact lens can be. Eyecare professionals suggest discarding cases every three months and replacing them with new ones.

Wearing contact lens longer than prescribed

Money’s tight, the lenses still seem alright, why not just keep on wearing them? Some wearers of contact lens may be tempted to save money by wearing their contact lens longer than prescribed. While a few rupiah's may be saved by taking this alternative, but there are consequences that may be far more dangerous that requires a large cost in healing. Contact lens break down over time which causes the eyes to become less healthy, less able to defend themselves, and more likely to get an eye infection. Two-Week lenses are approved for two week wear for a reason. If your contact lenses are designed for two-week wear, always discard them after 14 days.

Contact lenses are a great advance in eye care, but they come with a host of pitfalls that must be avoided. When properly cared for, it can be a comfortable and convenient way to correct vision for a variety of activities and lifestyles. People who ignore the advice of their eye care providers may find themselves experiencing a range of eye problems all the way from minor irritation to severe infections that require surgery. By taking good care of your contact lens, you can expect to wear your lenses safely and comfortably for many years and may have healthy eyes with less risk of infection or injury :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Indonesia's MUI says Valentine's Day is haram (forbidden for Muslims)

This is not my writing, i copied it from
just wanna share :)
JAKARTA - THE Dumai chapter of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Riau says the celebration of Valentine's Day is 'haram' (forbidden for Muslims).
'From its origins, it is recognised that the Valentine's Day is a holiday of non-Muslims in Rome, Italy. Therefore, Valentine's Day celebrations are forbidden for Muslims,' MUI Dumai chairman Rozai Akbar told Antara in Dumai on Thursday.
He added that Valentine's Day celebrations went against Islamic teachings because the celebration was akin to encouraging young people to build relationships outside marriage.
'What will happen if Valentine's Day becomes part of Islam culture? This was one of the considerations in deciding to forbid the celebration for Muslims,' he said.
The MUI has called upon all Muslim parents to explain to their children that Valentine's Day is something they must not celebrate.
'It would be better to educate them and give them religious teachings so that Valentine's Day celebrations will not become a tradition among Muslims youths,' he said. -- THE JAKARTA POST/ANN

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Meaningful Valentine Gift

Valentine is around the corner. I can feel that LOVE is in the air ♥

Valentine day is the day where we show our love to our dearest one :) it doesn't mean that there's no love in the other day, but valentine is a little more special ;)
One thing you need to know, that the most romantic valentine gift is something that can show or represent your affection or in the other word, LOVE, to your boyfriend/girlfriend.  It's not about how much the valentine gift costs you, it really doesn't matter whether it's expensive or not. But this is more about giving something special in a special day, truly from your heart.

The most common and popular valentine gift you'll find on valentine's day is flowers and chocolates. A bouquet of flowers is like an evergreen valentine gift which expresses one's feeling and love. Along with flowers, a heart shaped box of chocolates is a cherished gifts amongst lovers. After all, flowers and chocolates still work ;) But here, i wanna share some of my thoughts about valentine gift, which is for me these are quiet romantic and meaningful ♥

Write a romantic love letter

A love letter as valentine gift? Sounds classic, but still romantic. Why love letter? SMS or calls is more pratical, but love letter would give the impression of more romantic.

Food with a heart shape ♥

On this valentine's day, try cooking fried rice, noodle or ... (it's up to you) with a heart shape. And then eat together with your beloved one. Pour your love on the food, and be sure, he will be yours forever :p

Notes of Love

Buy a small notepad or sticky notes with red or pink color, cut into a heart shape, then write variety reasons why you love him, from the smallest to the biggest thing. You also can fill in the notes with stories and memories about the two of you, or something else.. Put all the notes in a box, then give it to him/her.

Love songs

Make a CD that contains a collection of romantic songs which may reminds you of the events that you experienced with you lover. Including the romantic songs that describe the relationship between you guys, the songs that contain a special message about your feelings to him/her, also about how meaningful he/she is to you. If you are a musician, you may create a song for your lover. This is so romantic! :) believe me, this will be a very valuable collection for him/her.

Photo album

Make a photo album that contains you guy's photographs. Photographs of romantic moments which is very impressive that you've spent together. Do not forget to write some notes on the photo ;)

Valentine's day is a special day for all those people who believe in love. And yes, i do believe in love :) Now i'm going to prepare my valentine present, how about you? :D Hope you can find a suitable valentine gift for you beloved ♥