Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pimples or Acne? Solve it with Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop!

Few days ago, i'm stressing with my pimples (acne) around my cheek. It's really annoying! >.< Makes my confidence down to earth! geez!

But today, i'm not stressing with it anymore. Guess what! Yesterday i went to the mall and got Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop. I was absolutely amazed as the oil definitely stopped my pimples in their tracks. At first, I thought the smell is really bad, but it isn't too bad after you use it few times.

The Body Shop says Tea Tree Oil is believed to clear pimples or acne effectively and quickly without drying the skin. It also can soothe your skin and reduce the size of pimples within 78 hours (about 3 days) --> depends on ur pimples, if it's still a small pimples, then the faster it heals (like mine). I would say that this is exactly true, which is I experienced it myself :) I spent Rp 75.650 for this product (original price : Rp 89.000). I got 15% discounts for member :D This is a very good price (in my opinion, it's quiet cheap). You will have no more stresses because of pimples or acne. Really! :)

The Ingredients of Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop

  • Community Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya - the basic ingredients which is known for it's antibacterial benefits. It is perfect to deal with acne skin.
  • Tamanu Oil from Madagascar - used traditionally to produce healthy skin. It contains extraordinary moisturizer for skin.
  • Lemon Tea Tree from Kenya - antibacterial material that makes this product has a fresh zesty fragrance.
The Body Shop uses natural ingredients in their products, so you don't have to worry about your skin will get worse. It will never happen unless you have a very very sensitive skin. The Body Shop's products suit me well, especially this Tea Tree Oil. It really help me a lot in treating my pimples or acne :)

How to Use?

After facial wash, apply a small amount directly on to pimples or acne using a clean cotton bud or fingertip. Easy, right? :)
If you use moisturizer, then apply tea tree oil before applying the moisturizer.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, i will, because it definitely works for me :)

Where to get Tea Tree Oil?

You can purchase Tea Tree Oil in person at The Body Shop stores located at mall :)