Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sushi and Whatever

Talking about Japanese cuisine, Hachi Hachi Bistro is one of my favorite! :D "Sushi and whatever" is their motto, so they have variety of menu from appetizer, sushi (of course!), udon, bistro rice, yakiniku, chicken-don, etc. For those of you who do not like sushi, don't worry. Hachi Hachi has adjust their sushi with local tastes, so it won't be too fishy. They have many cooked sushi (not raw like salmon, tobiko, etc) in their menu, you should have a try! Maybe you'll love it :) What I wanna share in this post are all cooked sushi, even a vegetarian one :D

I love their fusion sushi (black dragon roll, triangle roll, caterpillar, etc) the most amongst the other Japanese restaurant. Their salmon sashimi is fresh! Next time I will share to you about their fusion sushi and sashimi.

What I ordered?

Vegetable Tempura Roll 22.000 IDR
Tempura mixed with vegetable roll served with tsume sauce.
This is vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian, you have to tell them you want a vegetarian one. Because for this menu, they have 2 versions, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For the non-vegetarian one, they served with REAL tempura and eel sauce :) Other vegetarian sushi they have is Teppa Maki.

Super California Roll 26.000 IDR
Crabstick and avocado roll lightly breaded and fried served with hachi aioli sauce. This is a local tastes sushi. As you see in the picture, the red sauce on the top is chili sauce, so it's a bit spicy. Looks like fried sushi, it is surrounded by crunchy :D

Grilled Chicken Don 34.000 IDR
Grilled chicken breast fillet mixed vegetables and egg over rice served with a small bowl of miso soup. The taste is standard, just right :)

Choc Caramel Smoothie 20.000 IDR
Choc caramel bar, milk and choc ice cream.

Hot Ocha 9.000 IDR
I think ocha is sushi's best friend :p


The food was delicious and the price is reasonable (about 10.000 IDR - 60.000 IDR). For big plate sushi, it's about 80.000 IDR up to 100.000 IDR.

Well, I spent 122.100 IDR (include tax 10%) for 1 bowl of grilled chicken don, 1 bar of vegetable tempura roll, 1 plate of super california roll, 1 cup of hot ocha and 1 cup of choc caramel smoothie. Their pricing is really good!

Where is Hachi Hachi Bistro located?

You can find Hachi Hachi Bistro at :

Taman Anggrek Mall 3rd floor (021 - 56999 527)
Central Park Mall LG 234 (021 - 56985 592)

Citraland G Walk K-14 (031 - 740 3916)
Supermall Studio Food Court FC-10 (031 - 739 1261)
Tunjungan Plaza IV 5th floor (031 - 545 1003)

MX Mall Jl. Veteran no.8 (0341 - 550 388)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Korean Ice Cream

Well, korean ice cream was my tea time dessert yesterday :D Actually at first, I planned to buy magnum ice cream.. Then I went to Kem Chick’s and I bought this korean ice cream instead of magnum -_-a

Ice sandwich with cheese cake, that’s how they named it. Hmm.. It’s not cheese cake actually, more like ice cream.. The texture and taste just like ice cream, and of course it’s yummy! It has to be in the freezer. If you put it outside of freezer, it will melt right away. That’s one of the ice’s characteristic, right? :p That’s why I would rather call it ice cream than cheese cake.

It has 3 layers, the first layer is bread, so do the last layer. The ice cream (or cheese cake) is in the middle. As I ever seen, it has 3 flavors (chocolate, almond, cheese). Please tell me if you find another flavor of it :)

Yeah, I know that maybe the picture doesn’t look delicious. But believe me, it’s very soft and when you put it in your mouth, wow! Cool and yummy :D

I take a shot of the ingredients. The whole packaging (except the small sticker about ingredients) is written in Korean language, I can understand none of them -_-a. So based on the sticker, the ingredients are water, sugar, flour, egg, corn syrup, cheese, milk, coconut oil, salt, glucose, whey powder (I don’t know what it is) and baking powder. It is produced by BINGGRAE CO,.LTD Korea and imported by PT.KORIN HUB Indonesia.

I bought this at Kem Chick’s for 15.000 IDR. I don’t know whether this is available at the other supermarket (Carrefour, Hero, etc). I will check and let you know :) You also can find this at Sushi Tei, they have this ice sandwich with cheese cake in their menu. They named it Sponge Cheese Cake *cmiiw*:D

Thursday, 26 May 2011

We should be Grateful

I have come to learn that I should be grateful for everything in my life. I realized that I would never satisfied if I always look for more and more.. My situations is much more better than millions of other people around the world. we often look at what we don’t have instead of what we have, and we end up complaining instead of being grateful. That's why people used to say that "you will not know what you have until it's gone". There are always going to be people that are poorer or richer, less fortunate or more fortunate than us in some way. So I am really grateful for what I have.

I am grateful, I have a family
I consider myself fortunate and grateful, I have my mum, brother, sister *not talking about my dad, he is not a good father*. There are so many people in the world who no longer have their parents or family or they don't even know their mother or father.

I am grateful, I have good friends and boyfriend
Good and caring friends and(or) boyfriend are something that not everyone has. So I think you should be grateful if you have one :)

I am grateful, I am healthy
Sometimes we need to be sick to understand the blessing of being healthy. Have you experienced being sick? I have, and it makes me realize how good being healthy is.

I am grateful, I have enough financially
I still can spend money on new clothes, new gadget, etc. Believe me, if you are now reading this post in front of your laptop, computer, blackberry, galaxy pad, etc, then you have enough financially. You may go to globalrichlist and prove it yourself. See how many people in the world who are poorer than you.

I am grateful, I live in good environment
I live in hygienic environment, I can use clean water to take a bath. I have electricity. Can you imagine how our life would be without electricity?

I am grateful, I have food to eat and clean water to drink
There are millions of people around the world with not enough food to eat. They are starving and living under very harsh conditions.

I am grateful
, I have 2 eyes to see the beauty of this world. I have 2 ears to hear beautiful melodies. I have 2 feet, so I can run fast. I have 1 mouth, so I can talk. I am grateful that I was born perfect!

I am grateful, I still breathing now.

There are some pictures below that might remind us of how wonderful our life is

When we are sleeping on a comfortable bed with a blanket

There are people sleeping on the street

When we are having a warm meal with our family

When we are wasting our food

There are people out there who don't have parents and they are starving

When we have a healthy body

There are people who can not see

There are people who can not walk and run
Some of them even can't move their body (disabled)

We all should be grateful for what we have now. Don't be greedy.
If you can't get what you want, just love what you get.
We are really fortunate enough.
So stop complaining and let's live our lives well! :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The muffin House

"Baked in natural goodness the way you like it, guaranteed free from artificial additives. Experiences the freshness of delectable home baked muffin treats with Healthier options" -muffin house-
The muffin house, they provide a wide range of muffins *like a house of muffin* .. That's why it's called the muffin house, I guess :p The muffin looks is not attractive, by the way. I think it looks like a giant mushroom @_@ Anyway, they have many different flavors, such as chocolate, double choco chips, blueberry, cheese, cappucino, etc. In addition, the muffin house also provides a variety of cookies (choco, cheesy, whole wheat pandesal, etc).

3.00 PM, it's tea time! Me and my friends went to the muffin house located at Pacific Place to grab some muffins :p We got banana choco chips muffin, double choco chips muffin and cheese 'n cheese muffin :)

Well, as I said before, it doesn't look attractive to you, right? -_-a
People said, don't judge the book by its cover. But I would rather say don't judge the muffin by its look :D The muffin has a very solid content. Although the texture is not soft *I think it's slightly rough*, but it's delicious, especially the banana choco chips muffin! Best served with hot tea, I think :)

Banana choco chips muffin.

Double choco chips muffin


They sell the muffin for 8.000 IDR. Not too expensive and also not very cheap :) I think it's a reasonable price. It's worthy, since it's delicious.

Where's the muffin house located?

You can easily find them at:
  • Pacific Place Mall (Lower Ground - #20)
  • FX Lifestyle X'nter (Basement)
  • Grand Indonesia (Foodhall)

Tell me if you find them at the other places :)

Be their fans on facebook fan page : The Muffin House *they are not updating their facebook fans page anyway T_T*

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I will since it is not only delicious but also suitable for tea time snacks :)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream from The Body Shop

People can't hide their age by the appearance of their hands skin. So I think it's important to take care of our hands and keep it looking young! :)

Me, at first don't really care about my hands. It's just fine until oneday, I found out that the skin of my palms began to peel off *because of dryness, I guess* .. I was freaked out! I don't know what happened to my hands. My friends told me it's alright, after it peels off, it will grow new skin. Maybe that's true, but do you know, I feel very uncomfortable with it. So I went out to buy a hand cream and I found it at The Body Shop.

The Body Shop believes, this hands cream care for skin while leaving it feeling soft, smooth and richly moisturize our hands with a refreshing fragrance. And I would tell you that this is definitely true! The cream has really soft textures and it dries quickly.

What's the ingredients?

The key ingredient is organic olive oil from Italy. It is a natural moisturizer for normal to dry skin. It's applicable for all skin types.

The Body Shop uses natural ingredients in their products, so you don't have to worry about your skin will get worse. It will never happened unless you have a very very sensitive skin.

How to use?

I apply a small amount (about 1 cm) on my hands and rub them together as if I am washing my hands. I usually apply the hands cream after washing my hands.

How much it costs?

It costs me 59.000 IDR and I think it's a cheap price for a 75ml tube. I only use a small amount and it only reduced not a quarter of the tube for a month.

Where can you get this?

You can get this soft hands kind heart hand creams at all The Body Shop stores you can find in your city.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I will.
This hands cream keep my hands feeling soft and smooth. A really nice moisturizer :)
And most of all, I love the fragrance so much! It's very soothing. The product also has a nice design with a flip cap, making it easier to carry in my bag. This is very recommended for you! :)

Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

I found this video on youtube.
This is really cute, sweet yet feels romantic! Maybe it's because I love kinda things like disney and musical *yeah, I like musical movie the most! such as glee, high school musical, etc*, so I said this is great! I was wondering how my marriage proposal would be *blushing* ..

Sunday, 22 May 2011

TAKAdeli Cake Boutique

Last time, on my friend's birthday, I ordered 16 pieces of cupcakes from TAKAdeli. Though I was disappointed with their service, but I have to admit that their cupcakes design are great :)

They are cute, right? :)

TAKAdeli's Product

It's a cake boutique, so of course they sell cakes :p They have birthday cakes, 3D cakes, mini-mini cakes, seasonal cake (Idul Fitri, Christmas, Imlek, Valentine), wedding cakes, cupcakes, full month cakes and pastisseries (brownies, lapis legit, chiffon cake, euro cake, etc). I like mini-mini cakes and chiffon cakes the most, amongst all of their products.

How it taste?

For the cupcakes I ordered from them, I would say the cake is soft and the icing is sweet! Because I like sweet food, so for me it's alright :) But most of my friends said it's really too sweet.

For the other products I've ever tried, they taste good! Especially for the chiffon cakes, it's very soft! The chiffon cakes is very recommended for you :D

Where is TAKAdeli located?

You can find their outlets at Jakarta, Ambon, Pekanbaru, Batam and Tanjung Pinang. The outlet I put my order with is the one at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta.

Jalan Johar No.34
Menteng Jakarta Pusat
Telp (62-21) 230 3366
Fax (62-21) 230 2268

Pacific Place Mall #B1
SCBD Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190

Komp. Ruko Palm Spring B1 No. 5
Batam Center
Telp (0778) 600 3030/ 466 115
Fax (0778) 600 3033

Komp. Mitra Mall Blok B2 No. 2-3 Batu Aji
Telp (0778) 364 215

Jalan Imam Bonjol Blok B no. 1
Hotel Holiday Lama Lt1 No. 2
Nagoya Batam
Telp (0778) 4275

Jalan Dr. Sutomo No. 7
Telp (62-911) 311 215
Fax (62-911) 315 722

Jalan Riau No. 169-i, Depan Mall Ciputra
Telp (62-761) 777 7764
Fax (62-761) 20 443


They have various price, start from 25.000 IDR. The cupcakes cost me 200.000 IDR for 16 pieces *actually it's 400.000 IDR, but I got 50% discount. Lucky, right? :p* But don't worry, they often have this promo.

Will I repurchase?

I will repurchase for the chiffon cakes, for sure! :D
As for the cupcakes, I have to rethink about it :p

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Marsha's Birthday !

Yesterday, 20 May was my friend's birthday. Her name is Marsha Ekaputri Atmodjo *pretty name, right?* She is 22 now.. I've known her since college 3rd semester *cmiiw* We currently work in the same office. She is clever, hardworker, funny, friendly to everyone and the most important is she's really kind-hearted, you know? Perfect girl huh? But of course nobody is perfect :p And here she is, the birthday girl !

We ordered cupcakes from Takadeli for her birthday *I will review about Takadeli on my next post* :)

That day, she had to work at flores room (kinda meeting room) with her team. And at about 4 o'clock, surprised! We came in to give her the birthday cakes! :D

Of course she was surprised! I guess she is happy :p Then she made a birthday wish *I don't know what it is* , blew out the candle and got her birthday present :)

After that, she handed out the cakes for us and we took some pictures!

Then what happened next? BACK TO WORK, of course! hahaha.. :p
But this is really fun. You know what, I start to love my job, my office and the people I'm working with. They are all nice ! :)

Last, for the birthday girl, Marsha Ekaputri Atmodjo, here is a bouquet of words I send to you :
May the days ahead be bright and colorful..
Full of joy, happiness and friendship..
May God pour His love and warmth on you, in all walks of life.
And may your year ahead, be blessed and happy, always :)
I wish you a very happy birthday :D

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Affordable and Yummy ! Penang Restaurant !

If you like Malaysian food, then Penang Restaurant may be your first choice! :)

What's on Penang Restaurant's menu?

It's malaysian food restaurant, so what they serve is really malaysian food! They have rice set, noodles, Soup, porridge, vegetables, etc for their main course. For snacks, *yup, i called it snacks :p* they have delicious roti canai. They have many flavour of it. I ever tried curry flavour and sugar flavour, it's all nice! Besides roti canai, they also have roti tissue and sandwich. Roti tissue is very unique, formed like a party hat and it's very crispy and sweet! I took some pictures of their menus :)

How about Penang Restaurant's pricing?

Yup, It's no doubt that pricing is quite important to consider.. hehe.. :p
No worry, their price range is about 10.000 IDR - 30.000 IDR. So I would say that it's very affordable! Look, Last time I went there with my boyfriend and we ordered :
  1. Mie Goreng Penang (Penang Fried Noodles)
    This fried noodles just taste great. It has prawns, fish balls and other seasonings inside. It costs 21.800 IDR.

  2. Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong (errr.. how to translate this? maybe nasi lemak with cuttlefish sauce? -_-a)
    This is my favorite menu here :D Nasi lemak served with spicy cuttlefish *not really spicy*, bleary, egg and the sambal is really great *I guess it contains belacan, do you know belacan? it's a very wellknown ingredient for dishes* This nasi lemak costs 25.800 IDR.

  3. Telur Dadar Udang (Shrimp Egg Omelette)
    This is side order, a little oily but not too oily so it's alright :) It's egg scrambled with small prawns, costs 18.800 IDR.

  4. Bubur Chacha (this is how it's named, no need to translate :D )
    We have two bowls of bubur chacha as our dessert. This is traditional dessert, I guess. Maybe some of you know :) It has potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and jelly *not jelly actually, don't know what it's named*. Can be served both hot and cold. Depend on your taste ^^ It costs 8.800 IDR.

So, we paid 97.680 IDR (with 10% of tax) for 1 mie goreng penang, 1 nasi lemak sambal sotong, 1 telur dadar udang, 1 teh openg (sweet ice tea) and 2 bowls of bubur chacha. This is what I mean "affordable" :) You can have your stomach really full with only 100.000 IDR (for 2 persons).

Where is Penang Restaurant located?

You can find Penang Restaurant at the address below :
  • Jl.Pluit Karang Timur Blok O VIII Timur No.27 Jakarta Utara
    Telp.021 6669 0565, 7076 6819 - Fax.021 667 8012
  • Jl.Tanjung Duren Barat I No.18 - Jakarta Barat
    Telp.021 567 4263, 569 40708 - Fax.021 569 68338
  • Jl.Boulevard Raya WB2 No.1 (Kelapa Gading Timur) - Jakarta Utara
    Telp.021 450 8085 - Fax.021 450 8282

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I will go there again :D
I would like to tell you that Penang Restaurant really offers yummy food with affordable price. But don't forget that "taste" is very subjective ;)

Anyway, you should have a try and tell me whether you like it or not :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mushroom Fettucini - Nanny's Pavillon ! Superb Delicious !

Have you ever imagine that you're dining in bathroom? Me, honestly never until I went to Nanny's Pavillon at Pacific Place Jakarta. They have great interior, it's a really cool place to dine!

But now I'm not telling you about the place, I'm pretty sure you can find hundred reviews of them on the internet :p

Well, yesterday I was at my office and very hungry. It's about 3 o'clock and I haven't lunch yet *poor me* T_T .. So, I decide to buy mushroom fettucini at nanny's. Of course I didn't dine in *I would be fired if caught by my boss* fiiuhh.. And guess what, I was surprised by the packaging. I can carry it like a shopping bag. It's so nice! I took picture of it :)

The mushroom fettucini is delicious. Even now I can still feel how it taste :D Of course it's not diet food, it's very creamy. But it's alright since I'm not on diet :p The fettucini was served with fried mushroom (5 pieces). I think some of the ingredients are olive oil, butter, cheese, cream sauce, etc *correct me if I'm wrong*

I paid 38.500 IDR for this *actually it's 35.000 IDR + 10% of tax* .. This is a reasonable price, since the food is real delicious! :D

Will I re-purchase?

Yes, definitely will!

I think you should have a try :)