Saturday, 28 May 2011

Korean Ice Cream

Well, korean ice cream was my tea time dessert yesterday :D Actually at first, I planned to buy magnum ice cream.. Then I went to Kem Chick’s and I bought this korean ice cream instead of magnum -_-a

Ice sandwich with cheese cake, that’s how they named it. Hmm.. It’s not cheese cake actually, more like ice cream.. The texture and taste just like ice cream, and of course it’s yummy! It has to be in the freezer. If you put it outside of freezer, it will melt right away. That’s one of the ice’s characteristic, right? :p That’s why I would rather call it ice cream than cheese cake.

It has 3 layers, the first layer is bread, so do the last layer. The ice cream (or cheese cake) is in the middle. As I ever seen, it has 3 flavors (chocolate, almond, cheese). Please tell me if you find another flavor of it :)

Yeah, I know that maybe the picture doesn’t look delicious. But believe me, it’s very soft and when you put it in your mouth, wow! Cool and yummy :D

I take a shot of the ingredients. The whole packaging (except the small sticker about ingredients) is written in Korean language, I can understand none of them -_-a. So based on the sticker, the ingredients are water, sugar, flour, egg, corn syrup, cheese, milk, coconut oil, salt, glucose, whey powder (I don’t know what it is) and baking powder. It is produced by BINGGRAE CO,.LTD Korea and imported by PT.KORIN HUB Indonesia.

I bought this at Kem Chick’s for 15.000 IDR. I don’t know whether this is available at the other supermarket (Carrefour, Hero, etc). I will check and let you know :) You also can find this at Sushi Tei, they have this ice sandwich with cheese cake in their menu. They named it Sponge Cheese Cake *cmiiw*:D