Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Manga Drawing

I used to love manga (comic book) very much. When I was in primary school, I spent more than half of my pocket money to rent comics from the rental. My mother often scold me for doing this. But I never listen to her, since I love to read manga that much! I began to buy manga books when I am in secondary school. 'Till I graduated from high school, I have many racks of manga collections. I stop buying manga books when I am entering the college due to shortage of pocket money :(

When I was cleaning my room last week, I found these drawings. It's my drawing! I can't believe it. I grabbed my phone and took pictures of it immediately. Yes, I love to draw manga characters. I even dreamed of being a manga writer. But of course, it was only my childhood dream and I know that it would never become true :p I can't remember since when I stop drawing manga characters. Well, drawing manga character was once a hobby of mine :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Jefika!

I know that it's a little late to write this post now, since Jefika's birthday was on 20 January 2012. Well, better late than never :p

Her name is Jefika Linda Gunawan. On 20 January 2012, she celebrated her 22th birthday at Ta Wan Restaurant, Pacific Place Mall. She is a very hard working person and she is blessed with high intelligence :D She is also great at tutoring others. I knew her when we are in the 3rd semester of college. We worked as laboratory assistant together. And now we're working in the same office! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Je!

The Birthday Cake

We ordered the birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate. The cake is very simple. It's all chocolate. I only ate 2 little slices of it. Actually I want to grab more, but we have to share with the other coworkers, so I can only get 2 little slices T_T For more details, you may visit Awfully Chocolate Jakarta.

She's not very surprised when we came in to Ta Wan Restaurant with the birthday cake. She already knew it! A day before her birthday, there's a phone call to our office, asked that do we ordered a cake for Jessica? My friend was panic, so she picked up the phone and asked whether it's the cake we ordered or not. Then the caller said it's from Erma or Emma or whatever Bakery (can't remember) and the cake was for jessica. Well, it's not our cake! Stupid us, LOL. Alright, back to topic, she then made a wish and blew out the candles.

We had our lunch after that and took some pictures after finish eating. By the way, the lunch was on Jefika. Thank you, Je! :) A simple celebration, a gathering of friends, wishing you (Jefika) great happiness and a joy that never ends. Here are some pictures taken.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Churreria "Spanish Chocolateria"

"CHOCOLATE. A GIFT FROM GOD" This is their motto. There's story behind this motto. It was said that long time ago when chocolate weren't known as candies, the Mayans, first founder of cacao tree believed that is was a gift to man from the Gods, in fact they refer cacao as God's food. It was also used as currency, a sale could be bought for one hundred cacao beans, a rabbit for four! It was named the cacahuaquchti, while no other tree was considered to be worth naming!

As legend passed down from one magical land to another, The Toltects, Aztecs and The Mysterious Olmecs have all lost in the battle of holding on to chocolate until one day a white-faced European adventurer was lost at sea. Stranded in the mystical land, he found out about cacao beans and was amazed by how rich and decadent it was, he decided to take it home with him. Of course, by the time the Olmecs people discovered their cacao trees were all stripped, the European has fled off with the food of God, cacao, to share with the rest of the world. Hooray!!

However, it is to be said that till today the Olmecs are still finding the creature who had taken all their cacao trees.

Well, an interesting story. I copied this story from their menu book :p

Few weeks ago, I went to Churreria with my boyfriend. They have 2 outlet, at Tribeca Park Central Park Mall and Grand Indonesia Mall. I went to the Tribeca Park one. I didn't manage to get a photo of their outlet (I forgot, actually :p). But I got this picture from their website. This is their outlet at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. There's not much different with the Tribeca Park one.

Churreria Outlet at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

The place is cozy, but it's not romantic (in my opinion). I don't recommend you to celebrate your valentine here :p . So, what did I order?

Churros Deluxe Rp 48.000,-
6 Churros and 2 Dip choice

Churros is Churreria's main menu. Churros are classic Spanish Tradition, served in the morning or night with a sizzling hot chocolate. At Churreria, we could choose between icing or cinnamon sugar as our churros's topping. They have 4 kinds of dipping : melted dark chocolate, melted milk chocolate, melted caramel and melted white chocolate. I simply chose icing as the topping and melted dark chocolate and melted caramel as the dipping. Well, it tastes like fried doughnut, delicious! I like it a lot ;) And what I can say about the topping is AWESOME! The chocolate was so condensed!

Something Chocolate Rp 35.000,-

When the waiter served this something chocolate to us, we were shocked, it was all black! I tried to cut the chocolate with my spoon, but i failed. Guess what, it was very very very hard, as if it was frozen. I even tried to punch it with the spoon and pinned it with the fork. But still didn't work. We looked at each other and were confused how to eat this. Then suddenly my boyfriend came up with a bright idea. He tried to turnover the chocolate. And wow, it worked!

So, actually the chocolate formed like a cup, fill in with chocolate and chips. It was really "something chocolate" -_-a . It was all chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover, you be very delightful to eat this. As for me and my boyfriend, we couldn't finish all of the chocolate.

Passion Fruit Cream Brulee Rp 35.000,-
Decadent rich passion fruit custard with a glossy caramelized top.

Both me and my boyfriend personally, don't like this custard. It makes us feel nausea. Feel like to vomit +_+ Can't describe how it tastes like. I only ate a very little spoon of it. Well, because we don't like, doesn't mean it tastes awful. It's just another opinion of mine :) Maybe others do like it.

Summer Tea Rp 30.000,-
Fresh four red fruit tea with a hint lemon juice topped with chopped berries.

The jar is cute. Too bad I couldn't bring it home. However, the summer tea has freshen our mouth and stomach after eaten so many chocolates.

If I am going there again, I will only order their churros. It's the only menu which I've fallen in love with ♥ Visit their website CafeChurreria for more details.

Back to my blog!

Dear all,

First, I would like to say sorry for the long status quo of my blog. I've been busy lately. The last post was on 23 July 2011. It's half year ago :( In this half year, there are so many happenings in my life. I felt a wide range of emotions, from the happiest to the most heartbreaking one. The funeral of my beloved grandma, christmas celebration, new year's eve, my boyfriend's birthday, celebrate our 4th anniversary, my birthday, gathering moments with friends, etc. When my grandma passed away (on 29 November 2011), I was really really sad. My heart was so hurt. I never felt that way before. Tears can't stop flowing on my face. That's how it feels when you lose someone you truly love. I am losing someone forever and there's nothing I can do about it. It's the worst feeling!

Second, now I am back to my past hobby, CRAFTING! Lately, i realize that crafting is somehow help me to relax and reduce stress. So, on my future post, I will share not only about food and beverage, happenings in my life, but also my CRAFT! :)

Stay tuned ^^