Monday, 13 February 2012

What should we eat? Ajisen is the answer!

Ajisen Ramen was founded in 1968 in Kumamoto, Japan by Mr Takaharu Shigemitsu. In 1997, Katsuaki Shigemitsu took over as the president of Ajisen ramen after Mr Takaharu Shigemitsu passed away. In 1996 Ajisen Ramen expanded internationally. Today, Ajisen Ramen totals over 750 branches all over the world, namely Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Canada and the U.S.A.

Ajisen Ramen specializes ramen in tonkotsu soup, which is pork bone soup. It was said that the soup contains lots of collagen which is good for health and prevents aging. Wow! Their noodle is made from wheat flour and cooked to al dente. With the addition of Senmiyu (their secret recipe), a rich brown sauce that accompanies the Tonkotsu soup, a bowl of ajisen ramen is tasty, delicious and satisfying. Ajisen Ramen is “World Ramen”, and the slogan of Ajisen is "安心,安全,健康", which means assuring, safe and healthy. fyi, I copied this from their web Ajisen Ramen :p

I went to Ajisen Ramen last week with my boyfriend, brother and one of my friend. We were confused, didn't know what should we eat. We walk around the mall and then we stopped in one point and looked at each other asking "what should we eat?" -_-a This "what should we eat?" topic is quite popular. Have you ever experienced this kind of moments with your friends when you were all confused about what to eat?

Ajisen Ramen was right in front of us, so we decided to have our dinner here! So, let's see what did we order? =] We ordered quite plenty of food!

Hotplate Seafood Rp 41.800,-

Hotplate Chiken Teriyaki Rp 31.800,-

Spicy Chicken Charsiu Ramen (Big Bowl) Rp 43.800,-

Charsiu Ramen (Big Bowl) Rp 43.800,-

Fish with Crayfish Rp 25.800,-

California Maki Rp 26.800,-

Salmon Roll Rp 29.800,-

And we ordered Ocha for our drinks. It was Rp 8.800,- for a cup and can be refilled.

Well, first, I am gonna tell you about the sushi. If you wanna eat sushi, I don't recommend you to Ajisen Ramen. Their sushi is far from good (in my opinion). Hachi-hachi or sushi tei are much better! No wonder, their main product is ramen, not sushi =]

Second, their ramen. They have 2 kinds of ramen, local and import. We ordered the imported one. They said it taste better than the local one (imported items do sound better than local one, most likely!). Actually, I don't know what's the difference. lol. Well, next time I am gonna ordered the local one. In my opinion (again), the food is good, not very good or extra ordinary. I best recommend you to their Volcano ramen and Tomyam ramen (sorry, I don't get a photoshot of it, I went to Ajisen fews weeks ago with my friends). It taste far better than the ramen we ordered this time.

We spent about Rp 322.000,- included tax and service charge. It's affordable, but pricing is very subjective, so it's you who will decide whether it's worth it or not =]