Sunday, 23 September 2012

Scallops Edge Baby Boots

Oh nooooo!!! September almost over! I've been so busy lately that I don't even realize that October is coming soon! 7 days more and it will be October!

These weeks are super busy. I got a very tight audit deadline (yes, I'm an auditor), so I need to finish many works in a very short timeline. Plus, my teammate's wife gave birth last week, thus he had a few days off. So I need to do the extra work. But it's all right, really. I can still catch my breath! :)

And also my boyfriend just moved to a new house somewhere far from where I lived now, because of his work :( I can't meet him everyday like before. I can only see him once a week, kinda miss him now. But he said that I have to endure it and this is for our future. I have to be patient and wait. So I do as he said. It's not long distance relationship, I still can go visit him whenever I have time and he will come to my place whenever he can =]

Oh, this post is actually about a scallops edge baby boots I made for my teammate's newborn baby, Seruni Arbianna Setiawan, lovely name =] When I read a blog post on allaboutami about this baby boots, I totally fell in love with it! Pattern is by imtopsyturvy. This is my first time crocheted a baby wearable. I was so excited! I'm using caron simply soft yarn, SAND 0006 color and a 4,5mm Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook.

There it is! Full of cuteness!

In the pattern provided, there is a slip stitch (sl st) in the end of row and a chain 1 (ch 1) at every beginning of row. But I'm not doing that, I skipped and continued to crochet in round. I started with the sole and when I finished, I highly doubt it. It was very tiny. Yeah, this is my first time, I never imagine that it will be this tiny. lol. I continued with the pattern and after a while, it began to look like a shoe, a very tiny shoe. I started to ask myself, is baby's foot really this tiny? Oh, so cute! Then I continued with the wrap and finished with the scallops edge =]

It's not even the half size of my palm.

After crocheted the left boot, I had the urge to crochet the right one immediately. I just so excited to finish it x_x. And I'm so amazed of myself that I can actually crochet a baby boots. Next, I think I will crochet more baby projects, since my friend has a newborn :p And I was also surprised that this baby boots used a very small amount of yarn, maybe because it's tiny! :)

Instead of a large button, I add a small cute button there =]

I love the scallops edge very much! It's pretty and easy to do!

Can't wait to see lovely Seruni wear this cute boots. Hopefully it can fits her feet nicely =]