Friday, 26 October 2012

Shell Stitch Baby Booties

Recently I’m so addicted with crocheted baby apparels. Sometimes, I need to re-do the work several times even though the pattern is already provided. Regardless what the pattern said, because I’m using a different yarn and hook from the pattern, I need to find the appropriate gauge to match the pattern. And sometimes I also need to adjust the size of the finished product, either to make it bigger or smaller. At first I’m so stuck at how to customize the pattern into the size that I wanted. But as time goes by, as I kept crochet different items, I became familiar with the stitches. Well, practice makes perfect =]

Few days ago, I crocheted an owl hat and I was thinking about crocheting a pair of booties to match the hat (previous post about the owl hat: HERE). Then I surfed around the google to search for some free patterns, and I found a lovely shell stitch baby booties pattern here. Lucky and happy! *wink ^_-*

Taa~Daa~!! Here is my shell stitch booties! I immediately fall in love with it! I got confused with the instep, but managed to do it well =] I’m using local cotton yarn, so the finished booties look a bit different with the pictures in the pattern.

The shell stitches are not very obvious, but the sole is so lovely, it curls! And I just found out that a slip stitch with different color can be so lovely. You can see that there are color changes in the trim of the sole from brown to pink and back to brown. It was done by working one slip stitch from outside into every stitch around the sole. Awesome =]

Shell stitch around, a ribbon wrapping around, the shell cuff, the trim of the sole, oh! I love all of it! ♥

And what’s best is, it match my owl hat nicely! =]

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Crochet Owl Hat

I love this owl hat very much! It’s easy to make, quickly done and also very adorable. Don’t you think so? :) I followed this pattern here.

The strap is too long. Well, it’s your preference to make it longer or shorter. I make it longer, because I’m gonna give away this owl hat to my friend’s one month old daughter. I will let him decide which one is better for his beloved daughter, longer or shorter. If he prefer a shorter strap, he can tie a knot in his preferred length and cut if off =]

And this afternoon, I canceled my Fitness First membership. Usually I went to the gym with one of my friends. Well, she canceled her membership due to some reasons and I'm doing the same although we love the yoga classes very much. I gave it a thought for a while, whether I should cancel it or not. And finally I decided to cancel it, in order to save some money. I am in a need to save more money. Oh, why am I talking about money now? It's not that I wanna buy something or else, I just want to save more. Save for the future use =] I have many things that I wanna do in the future, so I really need to start saving as much as I can.

Currently I'm thinking of side jobs. What side jobs can I do? Any ideas? Ehm, actually I'm thinking of selling my handmade, crochet stuff *blush, I'm so shy to say it out*. What do you think? Please give me your thought =]