Saturday, 3 November 2012

No Calories Cake for Lidya

November. Time flies. October passed like a blink of eyes. I still remember when year 2011 people were anxiously talking about the end of the world. Everywhere, everybody kept saying about doomsday. Oh well, now it's less than 60 days to 2013, will doomsday really happen to us in this short 60 days? *why am I talking about doomsday, this post aren't meant for it -_-*

27 October, it was my friend's birthday. To be honest, I didn't know that it was her birthday 'till I saw people posted "happy birthday" to her timeline, she's a new friend of mine :) I've known her for less than a year. But it's weird, I become close to her just like any other best friend. Maybe because we share the same hobby, crochet :p That day, I did think about a birthday present for her. Somehow a birthday cake amigurumi came to my mind. No calories cake, a pretty good idea, isn't it? Oh, I wait no more and rushed to my PC to browse for birthday cake patterns. I didn't find any pattern, but I found a very inspiring website, normalynn :) Normalynn shared some free patterns but sadly I had difficulties when trying to understand her pattern *stupid me* T_T .. Thus, I developed the pattern myself *shy* XD .. It was not perfect, but it's acceptable ;)

 So here is my strawberry chocolate cake! I made a small error in the cake if you do realize :p

You can hang it everywhere, on your phone, bag, everywhere you like ♥

And now, last but not least, let me send my little notes for Lidya :) *I meant to write this post on 27 October, but it was delayed until today, so sorry >.<*

Dear Lidya,
Today is the perfect day to tell you that you are a wonderful friend. Happy birthday, my wonderful friend! Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year. May your life blossoms as you desired. May beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond. As you celebrate your day, I celebrate the beautiful friendship we share!

Lots of love,
Your friend ♥