Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Yesterday was My Birthday

23 years ago on 07 January 1990 I was born into this world. Yesterday, I am officially 23 years old. Happy birthday to myself! Getting older and older already, haha! >.<

What’s so special about birthdays? Why everybody so eager to celebrate their birthdays? What’s the difference with the other days? Isn’t it just another day of the year? Well, a birthday is celebrating a fact that we were born to this world. It marks the beginning of our life journey. But actually everyday is worth to be celebrated, celebrate that I’m still alive and you’re still alive so you have the chance to sit still and read my blog! :p

Birthday may also reconnect us with our long time no see friends. An old friend who you haven’t met for a long time would text you just to say “happy birthday, wish you all the best!” When I read those birthday texts from some of my friends, there is warmth in my heart and it curves a smile on my face. I do not show my birthday on my facebook profile. I really appreciate and really happy that there are people who remember my birthday without facebook notification. Some people are busy, so they don’t remember or they just don’t have the habit of remembering birthdays. But I believe that everybody DO remember the birthday of their dearest person =]

I am so surprised on my 23rd birthday. I received several birthday greetings from friends and family, even from people who I didn’t expect to but they wish me a happy birthday and vice versa. But never mind, I’m so thankful. A birthday greeting really made my day. Can I say that it’s the power of birthday greeting? Haha! XD And I think I already got the best gift on this birthday *wink*. I’m really grateful that I’m still here alive celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend, family and some friends. Thanks God for sending all these special people to me *love*

 I wish for happiness and everlasting love :)