Thursday, 28 March 2013

The End of My Journey with Ernst & Young

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! FAREWELL, I HATE YOU!!! Of all events, I hate farewell the most :(

Yeah, today is my last day working at Ernst & Young. I've been there for 2 years and a month. I finally know the feeling of resign, this is how it feels. Cleaning up the locker, completing the clearance procedure, etc. I shed tears when I cleaned up my locker. I flashed back and remember many moments both sad and happy moments. I keep my stuff in this locker for 2 years and now I have to leave. Not only this locker that I left behind, but also my laptop and my friends. This is very heartbreaking.

My locker, laptop and EY ID Card.

 Farewell gifts from my friends. The bag is from my team and the wallet is from some friends :) Thank you, dearie! I love it!

The greeting cards. I want to reply some words to the greetings:
To Fitria: Although our time together was very short, but you've been a great friend to me. Don't be sad, cheers! =]
To Buddy: Hahaha.. From JKT to Sorowako? That's an unforgettable memory!
To Mas Ojan: Thank you for your guidance and everything, including approval for my OPE and overtime :p
To Oggy: Sure I will be happy happy joy joy! Thank you! (^_^)V

To Kami yang tertinggal, masih belum move on, masih mencari tmpt lain: Hahahaha.. This is hilarious! Semoga kalian cepat move on, sehingga tidak merasa tertinggal lagi XD Kiss Kiss Muach! BIG HUG! Gonna miss you all!

Another gift from my friends =]
According to Lidya, this is a body shop lipstick and mascara. See, how weird she is. LOL! We don't need to bully her, she bully herself excellently. Hahahahaha..
But in my eyes, of course this is a lovely hair clip -_- And I love it!
To Verina: makasiii veerr.. ditunggu ya undangan lu.. hohoho..
To Lidya: gw kurang happy klo ga bisa bully lu.. gmn dunk? hahahaha.. *I will miss you! muach!*

See, my friends are so heartwarming, they are so nice! In the future, I really hope to gather with all of you once in a while. I wish all of you and also the firm may success and all the very best for the future =]

And oh, I also wrote a farewell note to my friends, I sent it via my office email before I left. The subject of the email was: A Letter from ME to YOU. Actually I want to include more pictures in the email, but I was shy ('_'#) I post my farewell email here, so that I may read it again in the future :)

21 February 2011 was my first day at Ernst & Young. And today, 28 March 2013 is my last day being here. My apologies if I could not meet you all personally to say my farewell. Two years and a month, it's not a long time but it has been a wonderful journey. What I love the most about EY is the people, hence it's hard to say that time has finally come for me to bid you farewell. I'm trying so hard not to cry today :( Leaving comfort zone is not easy, really. I enjoy having all of you around me so much. I hate farewell, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with good-bye. Rather than saying good-bye, maybe better if I say see you soon =]

In this opportunity, I would like to say thank you to Bapak Isnaeni Achdiat and Ibu Monika Prasodjo who has given me the opportunity to join ITRA big family. ITRA has been my second family who accompanied me through thick and thin over the last 2 years. I could never say thank you enough.

Also thanks to my team, Binawan Fauzan, Audry Adikara, Buddy Setiawan and Fitria Mutia. My deepest gratitude for guiding and assisting me during my time at EY. My apologies if I can no longer assist you in your endeavor with Ernst & Young. Mas Ojan has been the most possessive manager I've ever met, he will never share his staffs with other managers again since that INCO engagement. Hahahaha.. And he is also a manager who never get angry. Whenever I saw him, he will smile at me :) Oggy has always been the superb nice senior, he is very understanding. Fitria, I am so sorry that I have to leave so soon. You are the first staff who joined my team after myself. It's a pity that our time together was very short. And Buddy, we're best friend. There are so many things that we went through together. We are a package, no matter where we go, we always go together *in the matter of work of course, not personally*. Where there's Buddy, there's Yanti. That's so sweet! >.<

And looking back to INCO team, Riza Arfani, Evelyn Hendrata, Denny Masran, Ricca Purnomo and Buddy Setiawan again (see, we even went to the middle of nowhere together!! lol). INCO was the most stressful engagement yet most enjoyable and memorable. We were so worried and anxious, there are laughters, tears, every emotion was here. We worked until midnight in the working days and we played hard on weekends! Remember the house we lived in, Mawar 29 and 31? TAB where we had our meals? Pizza Lousiana where Mas Riza told us many funny stories? Pantai IDE, Pantai Kupu-kupu, Pulau Kucing, Underwater Cave, Air Terjun Matabuntu, Taman alat berat, Ricca's favorite Baso dan kelapa muda pasar F? We visited so many places and it was FUN! I will not forget how it felt when I was forced to jump into Danau Matano. I was so scared, I can't swim! And I remember that Denny tried to take away my buoy (pelampung). Oh, he was so meanie. A BIG THANKS to INCO team, I learned many things from this engagement and got many valuable experiences. Legend said that if you drink the water from Danau Matano, then you will definitely go back to Sorowako again. So, did you drink? Me hopefully didn't. Hahahahahaha! I will never forget our togetherness in this engagement.

I also would like to thanks ITRA-ers (in alphabetical order): Afriyandi Amin, Albert Winadi - you're a very heartwarming person, berti ^^, Albertus Adrian, Alexander Agustinus, Alvie Deliana, Alvin Furyadi, Anissa Retmasari, Annisa Hasan, Arief Bayuni, Bun Bun, Cempaka Pradipta, David Kusnadi - the Mr. Nice Guy, Dina Rianti (R), Elizabeth Verina - titip mbok, klo dia bandel, gelindingin aja :p, Erina Astri - wish you happily ever after with the prince charming, cik erin, Evan Winata, Evarista Julyanti, Firlyanti - thanks for guiding me as my counselor, ci firly, Fransisca Polyani - thanks for gossiping with me, sis!, Friska - gw bakal kangen gmn rasanya terobos 3 in 1 ama lu!, Go Edwin, Handika Masbudi, Ilham Budiman, Indira Syafira, Indra Widijanta, Indrajaya Bombom - forever KOREA!!! DAEBAK!!, Irene Suryadi, Ivan Santoso, Jefika Gunawan - gw ama sasa uda R jee, kapan giliran lu? haha.., Jonathan - jangan demot terus joo, tar tempat harddisk lu gw kirimin ke kantor ya, Josef (R), Karina Sari, Karl Beltazar, Kenji Wijaya (R), Kunti Ulima (R), Liana Danilian, Lidya Octarina - sedih, ga bisa bully lu lagi.., Marko Suswanto, Marsha Atmodjo (R), Nadhila Putri, Nelly Margaretta (R), Niko Sutiono, Nitingke Ong, Normandia Yulianita, Paramasatya Sularso, Pradipta Sidi - stay cute!, Pradita Susan, Pratiwindya Wardana, Rachma Heyder - tas lu tar gw kirim ya, siap-siap dapat paket :p, Ramos Rajagukguk, Rakean Harun - jangan ngeliatin foto mobil-mobil aneh mulu, hahaha.., Reis Bunda - tetep cantik ya sis!, Renya Riandini, Retnani Hapsari (R), Ria Angelina (R), Rian Sagara (R), Riana Putri - ayo cepetan move on riii, lol, Rudi Yonatan - the most gentleman friend, do not count the calories while eating, enjoy the food! haha, Sarah Hutagalung (R), Stanley (R), Stella Clarissa, Steven Anwar, Tinnike Lie - semoga kita sering ketemu lg di tempat makan favorit lu, Trya Mukna - di EY juga byk loh perempuan yg bs merajut, ibu-ibu sekretaris yang di tower 2 lantai 6 hobby-nya kan merajut.. hahaha..., Vonny Martanegara, Weiniati Meilancye - jgn lembur mulu weinii, you need to pay more attention to your health, Wicaksono Agung, Willy Budiman, Windy Widjaja, Wita Luis, Yori Arifiyatno.

Not to forget, many thanks to other colleagues: Febio Keynando - thank you for being our single fighter during ASSR 101 & 102 training, Junita Mandasari, Nuryanto, Rendi Pratama, Diana Chen, Olivia Teresa, Bintar Prabowo, Dwi Rachmawati, Eka Cynthia, Hendra Han, Laurentia Dermawan (R), Supriyanto Prabowo, Jesica Meryanti, Metaria Gunawan, Andrew Hartarto, Agnes Tambayong (R), Ary Witoyo, Hardy Suteja, Hilman Prakosa, Diana Limas (R), Henny Dewanto, Ira Lukman, Fricilia Sheila (R), Maria Oktawiyastuti (R), Lia Hutagaol, Nadyarini Sianipar, Robert Suwanto, Pau Line, Reinarda Gozali, Farid Widjaja, Apriawati. Also thanks to Pak Achmad Nasum, Mbak Nining, Mas Ipul, Mas Fahrul, Pak Anjar Deliawan, Mba Upik Aprilda, Mba Sri Purwani, Pak Mamat, Mba Vetta Tovanneu, Mbak Letetia Sjahbuddin, Pak Dendi Suhendi, Mbak Alshamira Hamid, to all EY back office staffs, and all of you whom I can’t mentioned here one by one.

Please kindly accept my apology for any mistake or inconvenience that I might have caused in the past. It is my hope that we will stay in touch (yang married jangan lupa undangannya :p) and may our path come across again in the future. Actually there are still many stories that I would like to share with all of you in this letter, but somehow this letter has turned out this long >.< Maybe I will share those stories in my blog some other time :) This 2 years staying at Ernst & Young has been a tremendous experience for me.

Best Regards,

Yanti Rostarina
Mobile: *not gonna publish my mobile number in my blog* XD
Also find me in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, my personal blog, etc =]
Many ways to keep in touch, aren't it?
P.S: Try not to access my blog from EY's network. EY block some contents of it, hence the layout become terrible O_o

It is not easy for me to say good-bye to you,
We've shared so much life and laughter.
I'm so grateful for both the good and bad times we've shared.
I will really miss those times when we had our lunch together.
You will always stay in my mind and in my heart,
No matter how far you are :)
Whenever I join, however long I stay, the exceptional experience of EY will last a lifetime! That's me :)

-The End-

So, this is the end of my journey with Ernst & Young.
Here are other photos taken in my last day and one day before =]

I will definitely miss you =]

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