Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tiny Heart Big Love

Today is the last day of my long holiday, tomorrow have to get back to work already. Aah~ It would be nice if holiday never ends. You don't need to work but still get paid every month, so nice! Hahaha. Hey, stop daydreaming, it would never happen. There isn't a company has a big heart like that. And oh, heart, we are talking about heart. Every person has a heart, don't you? No matter what the size is, what important is that it has love, even if the heart he/she has is very tiny. Love is what matters =] There is a quote from John Lennon, saying that "It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love". Love is what makes us human. Let's manifest even more love in our already magnificent world. Tiny heart, BIG love ♥

Thinking of heart, I was inspired to make a heart amigurumi. I use the pattern written by Denae from Ami Amore, here. She is so nice to share such beautiful pattern for free. There are many pictures provided so that the pattern and the "how to" are easily understood by readers.

The finished size of my heart amigurumi is about 3 cm. It is tiny. Making tiny amigurumi tends to make my fingers hurt. Because the stitch is very small and it's kinda hard for the hook to go through the stitches. Even though it may hurt my finger, but I still do it and I love it ♥

See, isn't that lovely? It totally worth the hard work. How much love and patience that we pour into the things we do will determine the outcome. Believe it or not =]

These tiny little hearts are so pretty. You can make it into keychain, phone charm, a brooch, anything you could think of. I make it into a hanging charm for my USB flash drive. I sew the 3 tiny little hearts together and add a small bell to the charm.

Ta-Daa! Here it comes~ and yeah, I am done. Thank you so much to Denae from Ami Amore for providing such beautiful heart amigurumi pattern =]

Friday, 16 August 2013

Colorful Pen Holder

It has been months ago since my last update. I've been busy. What am I busy with? I don't really know, just busy. Life happens. Somehow my world has become smaller. I am not living in an urban area, I live in a small town. Well, literally a village. I only went to the town on weekend, not every weekend. But life's not boring at all, it's colorful, as colorful as this pen holder that I just crocheted =]

This is a quick, easy yet beautiful handmade pen holder, and it's cheap. You can make it from any dispose cans and scrap yarns. Every color in every round only needs a very small amount of yarn. I started by doing a magic ring with 12 dc inside the loops. For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc rows, I used the standard increase pattern. I crochet in the round until the round measure fit the cans, in my case it was 72 dc. After that, I did dc without any increase till the top of the cans. Last, crochet a flower and 2 leaves, sew it on to create a sweet look. TAA-DAA! I'm done! XD