Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Looking Back to Our 2013

Time flies, as 2013 is coming to its end, it's time to take a look back at what we've been doing in this 2013. Yes, "we" (me and my boyfriend), never a day without him, right? *blushed* (#'_')

At the beginning of 2013, we celebrated new year with some high school mates. Meeting high school friends has always been very fun. No matter how long we didn't see each other, but we always have stories to tell. And all of those stories never failed to make us feel that we are best friends! =]

Then it's my birthday, read about it here. He bought my favorite cake for me, Chantily from breadtalk.
I was so thankful!

At the end of January we attended one of my colleague's wedding. It was the first wedding which we attended in year 2013.
Happy wedding, Denny! =]

In February, we went back to our hometown to celebrate Lunar New Year. We've been living separated from our parents for several years since college and we went home once or twice in a year.

Two families gathered to have a reunion dinner =]

Love! ♥

We were in the ferry, on the way to grandma's kampung to give grandma a prayer. I miss you, grandma!

Met some high school best friends. We've all grown up!

At the end of February, I made a very difficult decision. I decided to leave my job at Ernst & Young after a very long and thoughtful consideration. I clearly remember how it felt. I was in a very deep dilemmas. It was my first job and I've stayed for two years, it was like a second home for me. I shed tears when writing the resignation letter :(

My resignation letter :(

Let's move on to March. The beginning of March is enjoyable, we attended one of my best friend's wedding.

Happy wedding and happily ever after, Emil! ♥

Well, March is enjoyable until one morning, I received a horrible news. My father had an accident. Two days later, he left the world. It was the most heartbreaking moments in my life. I lost my father, the father who raised me up. I wrote a post about it, you may read it here: May Daddy Rest in Peace. I hate myself for not able to do anything and till the end, probably father didn't know that I loved him :( 

We never have a beautiful family portrait. This is one from two family picture that I have.

I also had my baptism together with my boyfriend in March. My friend, Marsha was my baptism guardian.
We are officially Catholic =]

End of March, I left my job at Ernst & Young. I also wrote a post about it, read it here: The end of my Journey with Ernst & Young. Honestly, I do miss the days I worked at Ernst & Young. It was such an unforgettable memories and a tremendous experience in my life. Two years at Ernst & Young has taught me many things.
It was so true that the exceptional experience of EY will last a lifetime!

April is the beginning of my second job. I joined a manufacture company which produces toys. Yes, it is a toy factory, sound interesting? *wink* ;)

One of the products that we produce.

As I joined this company, I also moved my residence to the area near the factory, in the suburbs of Tangerang city. We lived around the rice fields. We went to the town only at weekends, either to Jakarta or Tangerang. Oh, I forgot to mention that my boyfriend also work in this company. That's one of the reason why I left my former job and join this company.

In May, I went back home to give my father a prayer on his 49 days memorial. I only went back for 2 days. In this short time, I didn't forget to enjoy Batam's delicious food. At that time, I only manage to enjoy nasi ayam and sop ikan, because I have to immediately fly back to Jakarta. Argh, I miss my hometown food!

Sop Ikan dan Nasi Ayam :9

On the 2nd week of May, we celebrate mother's day, read it here: My Mother is My Angel.

Love mommy ♥

3rd week of May, we attended one of my senior's wedding.

Happy wedding c'syelvy =]

June and July ... I don't remember much. Hmm, no special events going on in these months. We only took a few pictures. But one night in June, I remember that we were hungry and we went out looking for food. It's hard to find any delicious food near my current residence, thus we drove to Pantai Indah Kapuk in Jakarta and we had our supper while enjoying beautiful night view there, at JetSky Cafe.

August... it's the long Eid holiday. We did nothing for the holiday, we either went to shopping mall or stayed home watching korean dramas -_-!! Ah, his brother started his college study this year, so he came to Jakarta with his mother. His mother stayed for a few days and we had dinner, chit and chat about many things. We even do some crochet together! Yes, his mother also a crochet lover ♥

It's a granny square bag. I did the squares and she helped me join the squares all together.

We missed one wedding feast in September. He was sick that day, so we couldn't attend the wedding :( Happy wedding, vina! Have a blissful marriage ya! =] No other special events in September, but we went on a date for several times. One day, we went to Summarecon Serpong Mall by using motorcycle and experienced the self service gas station.

Weird, but okay lah~ hahahaha! 

At School Food enjoying extra hot and spicy Ddeokbokki, slurp :9

October ... tick tick tick .. time was ticking so fast, October already. Our friend, Eriec, he came to Jakarta from Singapore for his holiday. We went out for dinner and he spent one night at our dorm. I'm so envy with his skin, he has a very white skin, geez!

Spotted the white skin guy right away, right? lol!

We also went to a small island called Untung Jawa Island. A little bit dissapointed with this trip, but yah it's alright. Hahaha! I imagined there will be a beach with white and soft sand, clear blue water, etc. So when I reached there, I kinda .. errrrr.... so this it is! None of my imagination came true, lol!

Anyway, it was fun after all XD

The last wedding which we attended in 2013, Happy wedding Jun and Indah (#'_')

November, what happened in November? Hmm... We received our confirmation sacrament on 16 November, I didn't take any pictures :( It was Saturday, we rushed to the church directly after work (we work a half day on Saturday). We don't even had our lunch, we were so hungry on the road -_- Before went in, we ate Bakwan Malang in front of the church. It taste very very delicious, well, maybe because we were too hungry. Hehehe~

At the end of November, my mother's aunt came to Jakarta from Bangka. This is my first time meeting her :) I felt very awkward, she is totally a stranger to me. Fortunately, my brother is a little bit talkative, so the atmosphere became better. Hehehe~

Oh, I found another picture taken in November, a blurrr one -_-

J.co Chocoloco is too yummy! :9

Well, let's get to December, the last month in the year! I love December the most. Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, they are all in this lovely month *love* ♥ 

Gathering with high school mates surely add my favors to this month! It does bring back high school memories~

Happy birthday, beb! Currently, we are living at a kind of village and it took more than one hour drive to town. I wanted to bought him a delicious birthday cake, but I can't drive. So I asked my friend to help me buy Martabak kacang coklat nearby and candles, and SURPRISE! Hahahaha! I wish you happiness, health and wealth, my dear! *chu♥*

Oh, December almost reached its end. We were so busy lately, we even forget about our anniversary. So the scenario is slightly like this:
We were at the mini market, buying snacks and we were looking at the expiry date of a chocolate bread. 
Me: What date is today? *while looking at the expiry date* 
Him: It's 20th. 
Both: *looked at each other* ... 
Him: Ah, today is 20th December~ I give you this pulpy orange as present~ 
Me: ... ~_~!
At the end, he drink up the pulpy orange all himself.
So we didn't celebrate anniversary this year, but never mind. What matters the most is that we are happy everyday and we enjoy our togetherness so much! Even after all of these years (and we are still counting), we are still in love! ♥

Next, Christmas is around the corner~
Merry Christmas! May the fragrance of joy, blossoms of hope and glow of peace always be with you =]
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, making a real snowman, walking hand in hand in the white snow, ah! sounds romantic~

Lastly, today is the last day of 2013. No words can really describe this year for me.
I am thankful and I welcome 2014 with a warmed heart =]
Happy new year!