Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crochet Cabled Wrist Warmer

My country is not a 4 seasons country (summer, spring, autumn and winter). We only have Dry and Rainy season. I do wish that we have 4 seasons but it's never possible, lol. Currently, it's rainy season, it rains every day and night. And the weather become somehow "cold". It's not as cold as winter, but for the people in my country, it's already in the category of very cold. I never experience snow, but my boyfriend said that it was much colder. I hope one day I can travel to 4 seasons country, maybe I may have a white christmas there *dreaming*

When I saw allaboutami's cabled wrist warmer (here), I think that I would crochet one. I am so curious, since I never knew that cabling could be achieved through crochet. So I decided to work on it even though I'm not wearing it. The people in my country are not wearing winter clothes since it was not that "cold". If we feel really cold, we would only wear a jacket. We never wear gloves, hat, shawl, etc. No one would wear a thick shawl on street. He/she will definitely feel hot in minutes, it's too warm. The same goes for this cabled wrist warmer, I will never wear it to street (even if I wanted to), it's too weird and uncomfortable as I will feel "hot" in minutes -_-!! So, I crochet it for fun and I think I may keep it until one day when I travel to the other country where there's snow, I would wear it =]

I immediately grab my crochet hook and yarn. I used caron simply soft yarn in sand color. Following allaboutami's lead, I downloaded the pattern by Julee-Reeves from Ravelry, here. I was so agree with allaboutami that at first glanced I was shocked, it looked so complicated. So many HDC, FPDC, DPTC, BPDC written on it O_o .. But yes, it ended up being very simple *thumbs up!*

I was still confused in the first few rows, I count every stitch very carefully, because actually I have no idea of how I'm crocheting the cabled. I'm just following the pattern.

After a few more rows, I somehow got the "feeling". The cabled stitch started to form itself and I feel that it's too loose because I am using a H sized hook. It has hole in between the cabled pattern :(

A few rows of increasing stitch and the thumb hole started to form itself. Don't worry, it's well written in the pattern about how to do the thumb hole for both left and right hand.

A close-up look to the thumb hole

allaboutami said that the pattern continues to repeat itself and once you get the hand of it, you don't actually need to reference the written pattern anymore. This is so true! Once I got the feeling, I somehow know what I should do in the next row without seeing the pattern *big smile* =D

The wrist warmer is crocheted in rows so you will need to finish off by sewing the ends of each rows together. Here is the tricky part. You need to very carefully match each ends of rows, otherwise it will look uneven.

The front look

The back look *amazed!*

I was so amazed that I have successfully crocheted a wrist warmer *wow! applause!* I have to agree that this is a very quick and easy to do wrist warmer. FYI, I am a slow crocheter, I spent 10 minutes to crochet a simple crochet flower -_- This is how slow I am, LOL. But I manage to finish this wrist warmer in less than 7 hours. This is surely a new record for me. Hahaha!

This is my very first time crocheting a wearable items for myself. I am so proud of it, xixixi~

It is a little bit too loose for my hand.

If you would like to try this pattern, I suggest you to use a smaller hook size for the cabling to look more firm and well-shaped. Thank you to allaboutami and Julee-Reeves for this beautiful cabled wrist warmer pattern. I am having so much fun =]

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

When Captain America Become Sailor Moon

One day, we were having a reunion dinner with some high school friends and I brought along my power bank. My power bank was wearing his new costume, Captain America. Then one of my friend, she saw it and she said that she wanted it for her Iphone. I kinda eerrr~ it will take a long time *stiff smile* It took almost a month to finish this Captain America, LOL. Uhm, I was too lazy that time, maybe I only crocheted one or two rows in a day. Hahaha! If I do it fast, I could have finished it within one or two days. Let me show you my power bank with Captain America costume!

It's a power bank cover =]

Captain America is charging power to my phone ♥

So, last weekend when I was relaxing in my room, this thought has crossed my mind: how about crocheting the captain america cover that my friend want? I have nothing to do after all. Okay, decision is made, thus I searched online for the size of Iphone 5 and I begin to crochet it. I start with the base.

Beginning Chain ... *still okay*

Row 1 ... *okaaayy, looks fine*

Row 2 ... *hmmm, I start to feel that it is too wide*

Row 3 ... *uneasy feeling started to grow, fitted it to my Samsung S3 and wow! The size fit perfectly! Haha~ this is definitely too big for the size of Iphone*

I pondered for a moment. Should I re-do it? Or not? Hmm.. tik.. tok.. tik.. tok.. ahaaa~!! Popeye the sailor man crossed my mind! Hahaha! Yes, Sailor! The color theme of sailor is exactly the same with Captain America, it's blue, red and white. Stripe pattern in blue and white then add a red sailor hook applique to the cover surface, sound nice. Let's do it! (\(^o^)/)

I do the color in stripe: blue - white - blue - white until I got my desire size. When finished, I was not satisfied with its appearance. It didn't show any cuteness or sweetness. I pondered again~ Several minutes later, a red bow might be good, I thought. Yeay, let's go with a red bow and TA~DAAA!!!

The final result, hehehe~

Finally, I feel contented. Hehehe~ I showed it to my boyfriend and his response was "looks like Sailor Moon". Oh, it's true! I was so agree with what he said, it's Sailor Moon! XD

Hi, I am Usagi the Sailor Moon! *cheers*

Yeay! My phone has new cover and it's Sailor Moon! I super love it, xixixi~

So that's how it went from Captain America to Sailor Moon~
Well, this is the end of my story, gotta sleep now, good night! =]

Thursday, 9 January 2014

7th January 2014

7th January 2014, I've been breathing on this planet for 24 years. Each year add a number to my age ~_~! I never set milestone in my life. I lived my life as it is. It's always good to set our own milestone, but I just don't want to stress myself on achieving those milestones. In exchange, I had always tried my best in everything that I do. When I’m doing something, I always wanted it to be perfect. I am a perfectionist. Hehehe.. =] Most people like to write down their new resolutions on new year, but "most" of them only write it down without any effort to achieve it along the years. Then next year, they write down the same resolution AGAIN. So, what's the point? LOL.

Yup, let's get back to that day, my birthday! Early in the morning, my mother called me to wish me a happy birthday and also tell me to live happily. Aaaa~ thank you so much, mommy *kisses and hugs*

I was very busy on that day, there were so many things waited to be done. And my boyfriend, he went to the downtown to buy some production supplies (Yes, we bought the production supplies for the factory by ourselves, we don't have purchasing department yet). So I really did not expect for any surprise. He is the first person whom wished me "happy birthday" though, so I'm happy enough and I did not expect more. But..........

Btw, why you didn’t wear any clothes on, beb? (#’_’)

I was really surprised! It was about 09.00 o’clock at night, he came to my room with a Chantily Cake, my favorite cake ever! And every surprise always needs a friend’s help. So, I would like to thanks Victor and Golda for helping him (#’_’)

Thank you, guys! =]
And he already put his clothes on ~(*_*)~

We took some pictures after that. When I was going to cut the cake, suddenly everything turned into darkness and we can’t see anything. The electricity blacked out and it also rained heavily outside. LOL.

Well, I got the first birthday greeting from boyfriend, second was from my mom, I can’t remember who was the third, and so on. I sincerely thank you all for the greetings and wishes. I do not show my birthday on my facebook profile or anywhere else, but there are still some friends who do remember and wish me a happy birthday. I feel so blessed and I wish all of you, are happy too. Let’s be happy together =]

Some birthday greetings which I received from some best friends, feel blessed!

Every year since a long time ago, you are always by my side celebrating my birthday.
I could never say thank you enough.
My birthday wish remains the same as previous year.
I wish for happiness ♥