Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Yes, I am homesick! I have been living in Jakarta for approximately 7 years (3,5 years of college and 3,5 years of working) and now I kinda feel "tired". I left home for college and after I graduated from college I got a job immediately so I didn't go home. I went home once or twice a year. At first, I thought that once or twice is enough, but lately I started to feel that I wanna be home and I don't want to come back here.

When I went back for Chinese New Year weeks ago, wow, home was good and nice! My house was so comfortable. I got to see my mom everyday, had a long talk with younger sister and younger brother all night long.. I miss it, really. I also went to the food court to help my mom (my mom sells seafood at food court), it was Chinese New Year so it was extra crowded. I nostalgic about our former family business, SUN KEE SEAFOOD. That feeling when every Saturday night I went there to help, thinking about my father. It will be very very nice if he can be here and have a family reunion dinner with us. Since we (the children) are all grown up, so we would be more understanding and treat him better. Well, he could never be here anymore. It's almost a year since he left, but I still have this hard feeling to accept the reality that he has left us and this world :(

My younger sister also has grown up, so fast. Actually I don't remember her growing up, I was not by her side when she went through that phase. Therefore in my eyes, she is still a kid although in fact she is a teenager now, who loves Korea very much just like her sister, LOL. And mother, she has wrinkles now.. As we are growing up, mother is growing old. Sad, isn't it? Younger brother will be graduated next year and he is also thinking about going back home. Yet younger sister is thinking about going to Jakarta for her college. I am looking forward for the day where we could actually live together again, in one roof.

Me, younger sister, mother and younger brother ♥

Mother, me and younger sister ♥

Me and younger sister, see! She has all grown up =]

I really miss my family right now. The good news is I will be home again on 5th March 2014 for 3 days =] I am going home to give my father his one year memorial prayer. It's weird, few years ago I don't have that "want to go home" feeling. I even got angry when my boyfriend told me that we will go back to Batam few years later. But currently I want to go back so badly. LOL! Funny, isn't it? Yeah, whatever, okay? I just want to go home...