Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Went Home for 5 Days!

As I mentioned in the previous blog post (HERE) that I will be home for 3 days on March 5th, 2014. So, yes, I went back home on March 4th and for some reasons, I extended my stay to 5 days 'till March 8th. At first, I had a little bit of hard feeling as I have to leave my job for 5 days. But once I landed at Batam, I wish I could stay longer.. It was so good to be home =]

I really enjoyed my stay in Batam these few days. What I did in Batam was eating, sleeping, go shopping with mother and having a long night talk with sister. I woke up at about 9 o'clock then went out shopping with mother, went home in the evening. Mother went to work, I stayed at home with sister waiting for dinner delivery from mother's seafood stall. We had our dinner while watching television. We also watched some korean variety shows together, my sister also a korea-freak, lol. Before went to bed, we talked a lot until falling asleep. Didn't forget that the main purpose for my trip this time was to give my father a prayer for his one year memorial. Yeah, a year has passed, Daddy.. How have you been, up there? =]

Oh, my mother owns a seafood stall at Windsor Foodcourt Batam. So each time I went home, she will feed me with many delicious food from her stall. If any of you happened to visit Batam, please come to support my mother at Windsor Foodcourt, her stall name is SIAU MAY SEAFOOD. Quote my name and get discounts! ('_'#)

I wanna share with you about the food that I had in my 5 days in Batam *drooled*

Spicy and sour fish

From SIAU MAY SEAFOOD: spicy snail, chili crab and baby kailan vegetable

Kembang Tahu

Nasi Ayam

From SIAU MAY SEAFOOD: vegetable, sweet and sour prawn, bak kut teh and frying egg

From SIAU MAY SEAFOOD: fried calamari, chili clam, kangkung terasi and black pepper crab

From SIAU MAY SEAFOOD: spicy prawn, vegetable, chili clam (currently is my favorite) and Gong Gong

Es Koteng

Sop Ikan

Aaaaa! Suddenly I feel so hungry looking at these pictures, Batam is truly a food heaven (for me), hahaha~ After this trip, my desire to go home (for good) become bigger and bigger. I even shed tears when saying goodbye to my mother and sister at the airport. And when the plane took off from Batam, my heart was aching, so much! Actually we (me and boyfriend) are considering about settling down in Batam. Well, maybe next year =] I'm looking forward to it *really hope so! crossed fingers!*

A picture of mother and me before heading to the airport T_T
My mother is prettier than me, she is a true beauty, isn't she? *wink*
Oh, it's a pity that I didn't take a picture with my sister, she doesn't like to be photographed >.<