Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Our First Vacation

Hello world, how have you been? January, February, March, April, May, June.. July and August.. then September, October.. 2014 is almost over. I've done not much, but this year we managed to go travel, syalalalala~ And yes, it was our first vacation =]

We've been working throughout the years and yeah it's kinda tiring. A vacation once in a while is surely needed, right? Hehehe.. Thus, we decided to go on vacation on Eid holiday :)

First, we searched for a budget hotel at and our friend, Eriec, helped us booked (he is a permanent resident in Singapore). I was so excited since it was our first vacation together, hahaha.. It was Eid holiday, so we were at Batam (home) for a week and in that period, we took the chance to go to Singapore for 3 days and 2 nights. We depart with morning ferry from Batam, so we arrived at Harbour Front Singapore at about 9 o'clock (GMT +8).


After done with the immigration clearance, we immediately met Eriec. He was there, waiting for us. A very nice friend, isn't he? *wink* ;)

 He showed us around VIVOcity and took this picture.

Breakfast at VIVOcity Kopitiam - half-boiled egg and a cup of coffee

After breakfast, we planned to go to the hotel. We would like to take bus, but it was raining so we took cab. We stayed at Hotel 81 Dickson, located at Little India. Arrived at hotel, lucky! Our room was ready, so we checked in directly. Hohoho.. We put the luggage down and took a short break while talking about our plan for that day. Eriec will be our private tour guide, awesome!

 Had lunch at Astons Specialities, Dhoby Ghaut.

 On the way to Fullerton.

The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Youth Olympic Park, Sightseeing Singapore flyer, Garden by the Bay, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest

So our journey for day-1 has ended. We were on foot for a whole day, 09.00 AM to 10.00 PM. My heart felt so good even though my feet was crying, lol..


On day-2, we got up very early in the morning, can't wait to begin our journey to Sentosa Island! We took MRT and arrived at Sentosa at about 08.00 AM. We had our breakfast at McDonald. Eriec was not with us that day, thus we had to decide ourselves where we should go. It was too early, the attractions have not opened yet. Thus, we decided to stroll down to the beach. And guess what! We really strolled around the Sentosa Island by foot! I still couldn't believe it, hahaha.. Start from the resort world, merlion plaza, siloso beach, siloso point, imbiah lookout, and then back to resort world.

A long time ago, he once promise me that he would take me to SEA WORLD Ancol, Jakarta. I've never been to sea world, so I am very curious. Every time we passed by the sea world (it can be seen from the toll road), I would ask him "beb, when are we gonna go to that sea world?".. and every time he answered with a SMILE :) Then one day, our friends went to sea world with their girlfriends. We saw the pictures on facebook, then he said "don't worry, beb, I'm gonna take you to Singapore's sea world". I was like "Oh, really?" lol.. In the end, yeah, he kept his promise, we did go to SEA Aquarium. After so many years, we finally went to sea world, hahaha.. I was amazed by the beauty of the underwater world. It was awesome! How I wish I could swim, so one day I can go diving, hehehe...

We even took a nap here, hahaha.. We sat down on the floor, leaning on the wall, seeing a gigantic aquarium in front of us, all of the fish inside seems very peaceful. The air was cool, so we fall asleep for almost half hour. I guessed we were too tired. We just went around Sentosa Island by foot, remember? lol..

SEA Aquarium was our last destination at Sentosa Island. We went directly to Bugis after that. And suddenly boyfriend noticed that Bugis located very near with the hotel where we're staying. He quickly analyzed the map, and yeah, it was nearby. Sometimes I can tell that he's a genius :p

Our day-2 journey ended at Bugis, we shopped quite a lot here, I bought some clothes, souvenirs and he also bought a pair of shoes. Ah~ we bought some fish cake for our supper at hotel and that fish cake taste so damn yummy! :9


Our last day of vacation, how I wish vacation never end, lol. Early in the morning, we packed up our belongings and then went to Hawker Center. We had Laksa for our breakfast, oh, actually it was brunch :p I still remember very clearly how delicious the laksa was. I really want to eat it again, haha. Then he craved for durian juice, so we went to bugis to buy durian juice.

Here's a short story about durian juice, hahaha. Yesterday, from Sentosa Island we then went right to Bugis. We were exhausted and thirsty. When I was buying watches for my sister, he suddenly came to me and give me something to drink. I didn't see what it is, I didn't feel suspicious at all. Then, gulp.. aw, it was DURIAN! He saw my expression and kept laughing at me! Aaaaa~ (fyi, I don't eat durian). hahaha, even until today (it has been two months), we still love to talk about this and laugh together.. that's so funny XD

After finished drinking his durian juice, we went to Orchard by MRT. We strolled along Orchard road, and then met up with Eriec, had lunch together and then spent the rest of our time chit and chat at Kopitiam. Lastly, we went home~ and vacation is over :(

It was short, but we did enjoy our vacation very much! In the future, we plan to go vacation at least once a year, hehehe.. I am so excited, can't wait for next year, lol.