Thursday, 22 January 2015

First Step Toward my Dream

2015 will be a fabulous year as I am expecting a lot of things this year =D Me and boyfriend both are 25 years old. We've been in a relationship for 7 years and both of us think that we are ready to go one step further for our relationship. WOW~ I am so so sooooo HAPPY!

Few days ago, on Sunday/18th January 2015, we went to Jakarta Mega Wedding Festival. There are more than 100 vendors at the festival, including venue, catering, decoration, bridal, photography, souvenir, invitation, jewelry and everything related to wedding. When I stepped in the hall, I feel so excited!

The directory

Every vendor offered us the brochure and invited us to have a discussion in their booth. We were so confused~ Hahaha.. So we made a round collecting brochures and then we went to the cafetaria to review and decide which vendors we were gonna visit. In my mind, actually I already had a list of choices for the bridal and photography vendors that I wanted, hehehe..

See, so many brochures~

We were looking for bridal and photography. At first, we want to use vendor from Jakarta for bridal, pre wedding and also photography and make up artist for wedding day. But we changed our mind considering our wedding will be held in our hometown (Batam). If we want to invite the team to Batam, then we need to pay an additional fee (very expensive additional fee). Not only additional fee, but we also need to provide their ticket and accommodation. It will double up the cost. It's definitely a NO~ So we decided to only get the bridal (only for wedding gown for the BIG day not including make up artist) and pre wedding photography from Jakarta. For the rest will be vendors from Batam I think.

We visited several vendors. I think besides of their product quality, marketing also plays a significant role in getting customer. When you are comfortable with the marketing person, it's a plus point. The way they offer their products and services, the way they talk to you, everything really matters. Because in my list of vendor choices, the pricing and quality of the products are in the same range. So my choice will fall into the one who gives the better services =] Why? Because once we deal with them, we will be in touch with them until the BIG day comes (in my case, it will be 9 to 10 months). Thus, I think we need to have a good relationship with them. In order to have that "good relationship", they need to be friendly and can make us feel comfortable around them (#^_^)

After going through several discussions with boyfriend, we finally made our choice! We made the deal with C* bridal for pre wedding and wedding gown package. Yippiiiieeeee!!! Two thumbs up for their marketing person! She is very friendly and even invited us to try their wedding gown (well, i could say that this is their marketing trick). I was shy, but I tried one of their gown and I was so amazed seeing myself in wedding gown (too bad I didn't take a photo, sigh!). What I like about C* bridal is their marketing didn't force us to take the deal right away. They even said "It's okay, you can walk around and reconsider. You may come back to us anytime". Unlike J* Bride, J* Bride's marketing are very aggressive. At the end of your discussion, they will say "This offer and all of these bonus will only AVAILABLE if you take the deal right here, at this moment. Otherwise, it's gone". Is this a threat? LOL. We were not given a chance to consider calmly. Luckily, J* Bride was the last booth that I visited, or I would fall into their trap for sure! Hahaha..

This is what we got in the package after going through a long negotiation, hahaha..
  • Brand NEW wedding gown (including veil, gloves, accessories, etc)
  • Indoor and Outdoor pre wedding photo shoot (selected 30 pose with a total of 4 dresses. We can pay extra for more pose later, it is IDR 3 million for 30 pose)
  • Canvas with frame 75" x 100"
  • Canvas with frame 60" x 80" (we changed this one with 25 pcs of 6" photo)
  • Standing Banner
  • Digital Album 12"
  • Mini Album
  • 1 pc of 10" photo
  • CD contains selected photos
  • 2 gowns for bridesmaid and 2 gowns for flower girl
We also got so many vouchers from the deal. Too bad, we won't have a chance to use these vouchers since we are planning to find other vendors at Batam.

Besides of vouchers, we also got a xiaomi 10400 mAH powerbank~ They said it was the last day of the exhibition, so they were giving out xiaomi powerbank as souvenirs.

Yuhuuu~~~ this is our first step to the wedding. When I told my mom about this, she asked "has he proposed to you?" HAHAHA! Yes, he has not proposed to me yet. So our first step to wedding is not a proposal like everybody's. But this! Dealing for the bridal and pre wedding ♥ There is no point for a proposal, he already know my answer. So yeah, let's leave the proposal behind, hahaha~ But actually I think he has already proposed. A proposal doesn't has to be in the form of a ring, flower and romantic dinner, right? It can be other things. Because marriage is a plan, made by two. When we started to plan and tell our parents about this, I think it's already a form of proposal =] But boyfriend is kinda romantic (yes, he is romantic), so I don't think he will leave out the formal proposal part~ xixixi~

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I am 25

Every January 7th adds a number to my age. One week ago, on 7th January 2015, I am officially 25 years old. There was no celebration, only a simple and romantic dinner =]

He said "This year, no gift and no cake. I am already a gift to you."
I was like ... errr .. okay.. hahaha..

Yeah, he is absolutely the greatest gift in my life =] I cant imagine what my life would be without him. I rely on him a lot, for almost everything ♥

Well, happy birthday to me! Thank you God for giving me another year of life. Thank you for all of the people who remembered my birthday by sending gifts and good wishes. Every year I always wish for the same thing, happiness. This year I think I am gonna wish for something else. Me and boyfriend have been talking about our marriage. Get married and have kids, I wish that dream of mine really come true this year =]

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wish for a Happy 2015

Now is January 13th, 2015. I wish 2015 will be better than 2014. It has to be better. 2014 is a year full of dilemmas for the world. There are 3 flight accidents happened in 2014, MH370, MH17 and the latest was AirAsia QZ8501. I am truly sorry and feel deep condolences for all of the victims and families. I know it's not easy to let go someone we love dearly. Especially when it's all happened in a sudden, without any notice. Ebola virus also began in 2014. Also the sinking of Korean ferry MV Sewol, ISIS, Martin Place siege, and many more.

As in my personal life, 2014 also has carved many memories, both the good and bad ones. The best thing is we've been together for 7 years and we (okay, at least I am) still feel this sparks fly in our heart. We understand each other even more and we love each other to the moon and back ♥ I didn't say there are no obstacles, we did face a lot of obstacles in the way. But somehow we got through it and it made our love grows stronger and stronger. The next thing is we managed to go on our first vacation together in 2014 =D *cheers* This is an achievement for us! Hohoho~

The biggest dilemma in 2014 is whether I should quit my job or not.. My future depends on this decision.. Currently, I am working in the same company with my boyfriend. It's a manufacture company, we produce toys for children. Actually working here is fun, but because it's a new established company so many things are done not by procedure and sometimes it caused me headache. I am a perfectionist, so working in this kind of environment really stressed me out. However, I manage to endure it for almost 2 years already. It's all for my boyfriend. This is a very suburb area, we can say this is a village. The environment here is very bad, in short, I wouldn't leave him alone here. So I'm leaving if he's leaving.

We made a decision that we wanna go back to Batam (our hometown). We talked to our boss who is his uncle and he requested us to reconsider. In the mean time, he will make some changes to address our complaints. Actually it's not complaints, I don't know how to describe, we just feel "not comfortable". It has gone through many discussions, not a one day decision. There are several reasons why we made this decision:
  1. There's no entertainment around here, it's a village. We need to drive for approximately 1,5 to 2 hours to reach town (not including traffic jam).
  2. The surrounding environment is not clean, we don't even have clean water.
  3. There's no delicious food here, it's all sucks! We had instant noodle for our breakfast everyday, could you imagine? For lunch and dinner, there's a nanny who cook for us, but her cooking does not suit our taste. So lately I learned cooking and i cooked our dinner/lunch myself.
  4. Our parents live at hometown.
  5. There are expatriates here whom I dislike very much. They work like a ROBOT, you know? And they are very emotional and always think that their country is the best. The worse part is we need to fulfill most of their needs. We don't have driver here, so boyfriend is the one who do the driving whenever and wherever they wanna go~ And they are very very picky at food. Its already very hard to find any good food to eat here and you are acting picky?! Oh, its really annoying!
  6. Some job-related reasons.
These are several reasons why we made the decision in the first time. BUT~~~ our boss is very good at doing persuasive speech, he said he will try to change the situation to make it better for us. And he also said a lot of things which can make us really really reconsider our decision. And do you know, our boss thinks that I am the one who made the call. Oh really, I am not the one. Boyfriend is dominant in decision making, so it's him, not me =P But boyfriend didn't explain to boss that this is not my decision, so yes, I am the bad guy here~

IN THE END, we decided to stay and not going back to hometown for the time being. Hahaha..

Well, 2014 isn't that "great" for me, but I am still grateful for everything. I believe 2015 will be better. As I am expecting many things in 2015, I am really looking forward to this 2015 =D

We wish you and everybody in the world a happy 2015 ♥