Tuesday, 7 April 2015

"I do"?

Time flies, It's a little bit late to post about my engagement ring, but here it goes~

One day, *I forgot when it was* we were hanging out to a shopping mall when he suddenly decided to buy me a ring, an engagement ring. We agreed the budget and we went to jewelry store immediately. We tried on many rings in the stores, it's so hard to find one that looks good in my hand AND of course, the one that fits our budget. Then his eyes fall for one ring, a rose gold diamond ring. It does look good in my hand, but it's too expensive, we need to double up our budget. It was way too much, so I said "NO".. But in the end, he said, "take it, it's nice". LOL. So yeah, we were OVER budget, very very OVER! -_-"

After we got home, he took my hand, looked into my eyes and said .............
"I don't give you options, you have no choice".
Then he put the ring on my hand right away and hugged me tightly. I was like ". . ." *speechless*

Was that a romantic way to propose? Haha.. he is romantic in his own way. And I love the way he is ♥ No one has ever loved me like the way he does. Each day, my love for him will grow bigger and bigger and it won't stop till the day I die..

True love is like a diamond; it's rare, strong, beautiful and lasts forever <3

P.S: Ring is from Swan Jewellery :)