Friday, 22 May 2015

Pre-wedding Day

Well, I don't want this to be a super duper late post, so I'm gonna blog about this NOW! hahaha.. yesterday one of my friend texted me and said "hey, i read your blog, it's a SUPER DUPER late post". lol, she was talking about my previous post (read: click here).

On 16th May 2015, we had our pre-wedding session. It was fun yet tiring ~_~

Woke up at 5.15 am, took a shower and getting ready. We went to the bridal house at 6.00 am. There were no traffic jam at all, assuming it was still very early in the morning and also people were having their long weekend so no people on the road~ We safely arrived at about 7.30 am, had our breakfast and came to the bridal house at 7.45 am. Then I began to do my makeup and boyfriend was still waiting in the lobby. I finished my makeup at around 9.15 am and when I am done, boyfriend is done preparing too!

Then we departed to the outdoor photoshoot location, which is PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) and arrived at around 10.30 am. It was very crowded there due to holiday/long weekend. It was so hard to get a photo, because people were walking here and there -_-! When we wanted to take one background, our assistant would tell everybody around by saying like this "Can you please move around? Because we're going to have a photoshoot here". I felt a bit of guilt, since those people were here for holiday or refreshing but we kept chasing them away. Ah, I wish I can do this photoshoot on weekdays. It's a "wish", so you know, that is nearly impossible. We can only plan/do something regarding our wedding on weekends T_T *sad but true* I wear 2 gowns for outdoor session and also 2 hair do.

We finished outdoor session at around 12.30 pm. Then we headed back to the bridal house and took a break while having our lunch. The bridal house already prepared lunch for us (of course they will ask what we would like to eat), so we didn't need to go out for lunch. After lunch, I re-touched my makeup and changed hair do, and boyfriend also prepared for indoor session. We began our indoor session at 2.00 pm and finished at around 5.30 pm. I also wear 2 gowns for indoor session.

That's a glimpse of what we did on our pre-wedding session. Outdoor session is fun, the weather is good but it was extra HOT. Thanks God I brought my sunblock, at least my skin wouldn't turn black after the photoshoot session. HAHAHA~ Actually we can bring casual wear for outdoor session, but we didn't do casual session. And also one thing, I was wearing X2 POP (grey color) contact lens and it made me suffer a lot! It made my eyes become watery and hurt, I need to apply the eyedrops for every 15 minutes. I think because it only contains 42% of water/H2O, so it's very dry on my eyes. The usual contact lens I wear is ACUVUE Clear, it contains 58% of water/H2O.

The photographer who took our pre-wedding is a Taiwanese. He was so glad that both me and boyfriend can speak Mandarin fluently, so he didn't have to ask his assistant to help translate for us. After each background, he would show us the pictures from the camera and ask our opinion whether we're fine with it or do we have other kind of pose that we want to take. Ehm, we couldn't see clearly, because the camera screen is so small, thus our expressions are not seen clearly. From a glimpse of it, I think most of the pictures are good, so yeah, we are good with it =]

Now, I really can't wait to see the actual result on computer screen. Oh, Calendar, please move faster to 14th June 2015! I want to see the result of our pre-wedding session as fast as possible. HOHOHO~

Here are some pictures showing my makeup and hair do, taken by the makeup artist (c'Betty) =]

In total, I had 5 hair do with 4 different gowns. Below showing 4 hair do with 3 gowns. I didn't take picture of the gown and hair do at outdoor session, outdoor session was too busy >.< I don't use makeup in my daily life, usually I only apply moisturizer and compact powder and I'm done! Thus I felt a bit weird for this kind of makeup (especially for my eyebrow).. hahaha.. But according to the makeup artist, the makeup she did for me is included as soft makeup category, not heavy makeup. What do you think? :) *and please please please forgive my messy grammer, I'm writing in a rush, got no time to correct the grammar* hahaha~

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Choosing Pre-wedding Gowns

Our marketing person from the bridal house is very friendly and she also pay attention to our wedding date, so she will help us arrange the time when we should do this and that. In the middle of March, she called me and told me that it is time to decide when are we gonna do our pre-wedding photoshoot. We need to schedule, so she can help us check whether it is possible or not. She gave me several available dates for my consideration and then after had a discussion with boyfriend, we decided to do it on May 16th, 2015.

So, last month (yes, it was April, this is a very very late post ._.), we went to the bridal house to choose the gowns which I am gonna wear for the pre-wedding. When we arrived at the bridal house, first they gave us a briefing about things we need to prepare before doing the photoshoot, such as: white and black shirt for groom, socks, shoes, softlens/contact lens for bride, having a haircut, dying my hair to an even color (my hair was very uneven that time, half from my root is my original color which is black, and the bottom part is brown), etc. They also gave us tips for a successful photoshoot such as: getting enough sleep, not having a fight before photoshoot day, put all things together and in the morning we can grab it all together, so there are no items left behind. Yeah, several tips like that =]

After that, we went to the 2nd floor. What I saw was shelves with gowns, many many gowns. I think the bridal house has about a hundred gown that we can choose for pre-wedding photoshoot. Oh, how I wish I could try on all of their gowns, but it seemed impossible, so I gave up that idea, lol. I only tried on several gowns because the bridal house was very crowded that day (it was weekend) and they have a very limited fitting room. I would prefer to come on weekdays, I am pretty sure that weekdays are less crowded than weekend. But I know it was impossible to do so, because I work in a very suburb area (considering the distance and the traffic jam, I guess I need 3 hours drive to get there on weekdays after working hour, OMG!).

Actually I didn't choose the gown myself, it was my mother and my boyfriend who chose it for me. What I did was tried on every gown which they take from the gown display shelves. hahaha.. Well, here are several gowns I tried. Some of the pictures have photobomb, so I covered it with cony sticker, lol :D *and please forgive my poor quality pictures*

In total, I tried on 14 gowns. Imagine if I need 5 minutes to change for every gown, it's already more than 1 hour. The truth is we spent about 3 and half hours here (from 2 pm to 5.30 pm). I think I need to stay here a whole day if I want to try on every single gown they have. HAHAHA!

I will wear 4 of the 14 gowns above for the pre-wedding photoshoot. Can you guess which one it is? Hehehe <3