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Malacca (Melaka) Trip - Part 2

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After some nice sleep, we were ready to start our day-2 Malacca trip. First stop was the famous Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball!

OMG, see the queue? We came at 8.30 and the queue already this long -_-

We were very hungry already and really couldn't wait any longer to be seated :| After queueing for 45 minutes, it's finally our turn! My first impression, the owner and staff were not friendly at all, they were rude. The food was automatically served to us, no question asked. They will literally shout at you if you ask or say something to them. They only served half/whole chicken and 5 rice balls. The food presentation was messy and I really don't think it's delicious, the taste is very average or tasteless? I think the chicken rice at my hometown (Batam Island) still taste a lot better than this. lol, this is a very overrated restaurant. So why is it so famous? Well, I won't say it worth the long queue~ But if you're going to Malacca for the first time, maybe you would want to try it out like I did. Tourists are all curious, right? :D But if one day I happened to go to Malacca again, I won't come here, it's a waste of time.

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball's kitchen and the food they served

The Dutch Square

The Maritime Museum (Muzium Samudera)
They said that this is a replica of the Portuguese ship.
I couldn't take the picture of this whole ship, it was too big, couldn't fit into my camera screen, lol.

Somewhere near the maritime museum.
Trust me, the sun was very hot! I could barely open my eyes ~_~

Menara Taming Sari is an attraction which will take you up to 80 metres height and give you a panoramic 360 degrees view of Malacca city. They also provide a binocular for you, so you can see everything in detail. The ticket fare is RM 21,2 person (foreign).

Beautiful view of Malacca World Heritage City

Next, Melaka Duck Tour! It's an amphibian boat which offers a tour in the straits of Melaka.
It's quite pricey, RM 45/person (foreign)

Actually there was nothing much to see. Going down to the water is what makes it fun :p

After the duck tour, we went to Mahkota Parade for lunch. I had a bowl of Asam Laksa. This is the most delicious meal that I had in Malacca. If you're coming to Malacca for food, then you better don't come. Because honestly, I don't think their food is special. It's very ordinary, I mean the taste is also very average, not so great. But it's a great city for sightseeing~

St. Paul Hill
With a bowl of Laksa in my tummy, we climbed up here, lol.

The Stadthuys

We went to the Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall in the evening.
We were amazed by its huge field, I think we can do a picnic here :D

Then we head back to Jonker Street Night Market! Yuhuuu~~ We bought some souvenirs, shopped and had char-kway-teow for our dinner. Boyfriend had a bowl of Durian Cendol at Bibik House Durian Cendol, but he said it doesn't taste as good as he thought.

Bibik House Durian Cendol

Well, here was the end of our day-2 trip. The next day, we didn't go anywhere. We only had breakfast at a Kopitiam near our guesthouse and then headed back to Johor directly.

A very classic breakfast: teh tarik, kaya toast and half-boiled egg
And again, meet another rude restaurant owner, lol


As I've said before, I really don't suggest you to go to Malacca if you're looking for yummy food. Because I think their food has a very average taste and don't forget the bad restaurant services, lol. But it's a great city for sightseeing. They have a lot of museums and historical places to visit. Anyway, I was having a lot of fun, so THANK YOU, MALACCA! :)

Malacca (Melaka) Trip - Part 1

I love the month of July the most! Why? Simply because, in July we have the longest holiday of the year, the Eid holiday. Hohoho.. It was approximately a 2 weeks holiday.

We went to Malacca (locally known as Melaka) for vacation on 18th - 20th July. It was very crowded at Malacca, tourists were everywhere! Before we decided to go to Malacca, I did some research on the internet and I got a lot of information from traveller's blogs and websites. We went there by ourselves, we were not with a tour group, so we needed to know and list the places that we would like to visit. And now, it's my turn to share some things about my trip to Malacca, hoping this could be a help for another traveller :)

We departed from Batam Centre Ferry Terminal at 6.30 in the morning and arrived at Stulang Port Johor Bahru at around 8.30. We queued for the immigration check, it was not crowded since it was still very early, so the process was fast. Then we took a taxi to Larkin Bus Terminal. The taxi uncle was very friendly, he asked if we're foreign and he told us a lot about Malaysia tourism. We went straight to the ticket counter right after we got off from the taxi. There were many buses departed to Malacca, but one of my Malaysian friend once suggested me to get the Causeway Link Express, she said Causeway has better services and the bus is more comfortable too.
The ticket fare was RM 21/person

The backlight was so strong, I can't even see my face!

Inside the bus, the seat was spacious, so it was nice :) The bus departed at 10.30 AM. Quite a long road to Malacca, it took about 3 - 4 hours of drive.

 Nothing much on the way, what I saw mostly were crude palm trees, lol.

The bus stopped at Melaka Sentral Terminal, from there we went straight to our guesthouse by taxi. It was quite a mess because I forgot to take note about the guesthouse's address. I had it in my gmail, but I couldn't access it due to phone connection problem and I didn't get WiFi around too T_T Thankfully I did a lot of research about the guesthouse before, so I knew that the guesthouse's located very near to the Jonker Street and Hard Rock Cafe and it also has Sungai Melaka riverside view. We told the taxi uncle, he took us around there and TAA-DAA!! We found the guesthouse! Yeay~ *BIGSMILE* :D

We checked-in directly at the guesthouse, Wayfarer Guesthouse (I will write a separate review about this guesthouse). It was 3 PM already. It took us more than half of the day on the road~

At our room's balcony <3

Put down the luggage, took a picture at the room's balcony and we were ready to explore Malacca City! Hohoho!

Uhm, first, we walked through the Jonker Street, looking for lunch. We had not had our lunch yet, we were very very hungry. Boyfriend had a bowl of Laksa and I had Nasi Lemak, and we ordered Traditional Cendol Melaka for the dessert.

Traditional Cendol Melaka
We were too hungry, forgot to take picture of the main course, lol~
After filled up our tummy, we continued our exploration! Hahaha..

Welcome to Malacca World Heritage City!

Spotted a very beautiful public toilet, hahaha :D

A picture with the father of bodybuilders in Malaysia? xD
A selfie stick is really useful, never forgot to bring one when travelling~

Melaka has a lot of pretty trishaws with numerous themes. They look even prettier at night.

It was a very hot sunny day, the sun shined too brightly. We were sweaty, thus we decided to go back to the guesthouse for a quick shower. We rest for a while and went out again in the evening. The wind breeze at the riverside was so nice at this hour.

We strolled along the river side of Sungai Melaka and took some pictures

The view of Sungai Melaka (Malacca River).

Alright, next stop was the Jonker Walk Night Market! This is one of the must visit places at Malacca. On weekend nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the street is closed for traffic and it comes alive with numerous street stalls that sell everything from local food, clothing, handmade things, some electronic things, souvenirs, etc.
The entrance to Jonker Walk, see the crowd? The taxi uncle who drove us to our guesthouse told us that local people won't come around this place during holiday season, so I think these people were all tourists, like us~

Plenty of foods, even a blood bag? lol, are we vampire? xD
We didn't have dinner that night, we were so full already by trying so many street foods! Well, not all of it were delicious though~

So crowded!!!

There were also a Karaoke stage and a fortune teller here, hahaha..

Jonker Walk is a smoke-free zone which is very great!

My personalized pouch from the night market <3

We ate and shopped a lot and finally we decided to go back to the guesthouse. It was very late already. Did our day-1 trip end here? At first, I thought it has ended. But, NO! Not yet! We put down all shopping bags, enjoyed the night breeze for a while at our balcony and guess what? We went out again to catch the Melaka River Cruise, lol.
Along the way to the river cruise, we also enjoyed the night view of Malacca city.

Casa Del Rio - one of the 5 stars hotel in Melaka

It says incomplete visit Melaka without cruising the Melaka river

My oily face and his messy hair :p
We got the ticket, queued for the boat and yeay~ finally we were on the boat!

Beautiful bridges

In short, Melaka River Cruise is a boat tour along the Sungai Melaka (Malacca River). The tour lasts about 45 minutes and it has audio commentary too. The ticket fare is RM 21,2/person for foreign. It would be cheaper if you're Malaysian.

Our souvenirs! Before the tour started, the staff took a picture of us. Then they showed it to us after we got off from the boat. Of course this is not a freebie, we paid RM 50 for these, hahaha.. I was wondering, what if we don't want to buy it? Will they just throw it away? But I saw that most of the tourists bought it ~_~

On our way home, we saw these trishaws. Pretty, isn't it? I think it would be fun riding these trishaws.

Even Hard Rock Cafe looks so stunning here, haha..

Well, that's all for our day-1 trip. It was almost midnight when we get back to the guesthouse, so tired already. Took a shower, dried my hair and went to bed directly! It was a very fun day! :D

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