Friday, 25 September 2015

Complete Set of our Pre-wedding Pictures - Unedited

Our pre-wedding pictures were taken by Catherine Wedding and Photo (a Taiwan bridal house) in Jakarta.

Well, our photoshoot session was on 16th May 2015 (read HERE about that day). A month later, on 14th June 2015, we were scheduled to select 30 pictures from all of the pictures taken because we only get 30 pictures in our package (read HERE about the deal we got). We had around 270 pictures in total. We spent about 4 hours to carefully select the pictures. In the end, we ended up with 60 pictures! Hehehe.. Of course we have to pay the extra charges! hahaha.. It was difficult to choose ONLY 30 from 270! *well, an excuse =P*

After that, we're given a form, it was about how we would like our pictures to be edited. I was amazed! You can edit almost everything. Let's say you have big arms or belly fat or big face or eye bag or pimples or scars or anything that doesn't look good in the picture, they can help you edit. You will be a PERFECT couple in the result, but a very UNNATURAL PERFECT. So we told them to NOT EDIT ANYTHING, let it be as it is =] *yeah, it's caps lock and bold "NOT EDIT ANYTHING"* lol, because after being edited, it will look like somebody else is in the picture, what's the point of that? It feels not real, so NO, we don't want it. Hehehe.. That's why we told them to just get rid of the photobomb in the pictures, hahaha.. Photobomb like a trash can out of nowhere or people behind you. In short, get rid of things that shouldn't be there and lighting if needed to.

I often heard people saying "Taiwan bridal photography is not good, the result is very unnatural, too much editing, bla bla bla bla ...... and so on". But to every bride to be, actually you don't need to worry, they will do as you requested. If you request them to edit here and there, they will do it and vice versa. If you tell them no, then they won't do it. I think the makeup itself is enough to make us look more beautiful, no need for extra editing anymore. Moreover, they give us the right to choose the pictures which will be printed out into an album, right? Then what we need to do is just choose the picture which looks good. I mean the pictures were taken from many angles, it must be some pictures that really look good even without editing =] And the most important thing is BE HAPPY, because~

Alright, here are our pre-wedding pictures, I am showing you the unedited one. So for the outdoor session, there's a possibility that you will see some objects like things or people in the pictures which are not supposed to be there :)

Well, that's all :)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A surprise Bridal Shower

"It's been a long time since we last met, all of us, together and complete. Today finally we can do a catch up, not only the 5 of us but also with our partner and babies. Time flies, 8 years of friendship and still counting. Thanks everyone for coming today and thanks a lot for the surprise bridal shower and also the gift <3 I can never say thank you enough :) Though we don't see each other every day and we don't communicate as often as before, but I believe that the friendship will always stay in our heart and it will last forever."
Above was what I wrote in my social media accounts on August 30th, 2015. That day I was really thrilled by what my friends prepared for me. I am really happy and trust me, I still can't move on from that moment. It was too lovely :)

When I was in college, I used to hang around with some girls, there were 5 of us. We saw each other almost every day and used to share a lot of stories. Then after the graduation, we went on our own path. We got a job, then some of us were married and had babies, getting busy on our own made us unable to meet up as often as when we were in college. So on this one fine day, we finally managed to do a reunion, yeay! (\(^o^)/)

And what surprised me was they planned a bridal shower for me without me knowing it. Oh, look at how sweet they are! What I know was we're gonna meet up at Fortunate Coffee Cafe on Sunday (August 30th, 2015) at 4 PM. I was even more surprised when I knew that my boyfriend also teamed up with them for this. A night before, he forced me to wear a white dress, I said no, I want to wear blue, but he didn't allow it. Thus, I ended up wearing a white dress that day, hahaha.. It was weird, he has never really concerned with what I wear, he never did, lol. Well, now I know that a bridal shower was what it's all about :D

My friends did the decoration, I am totally in love with it! <3
The venue, Fortunate Coffee is awesome too, it's a very cozy place to hang out :)

Put on the veil and the "BRIDE TO BE" sash! *blushing*

Now I'm ready to receive another gift, a pretty necklace .^_^.

Simple yet beautiful necklace, I'm loving it~

Time for a pretty picture <3

Pretty balloons (♥_♥)

I LOVE YOU GUYS! A LOT!! *big hug*

Bride and Groom to be~

See how happy we are, I wish we could do this often :)

Playing with sweetypao, Clara ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ

Mommypao, sweetypao and bride-to-be! <3

Family portrait! All of us, together and complete :)

P.S.: all photo credit goes to Emil's husband, Ko Guanlie <3