Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Wedding: Tying the Knot

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After being in a relationship for almost 8 years since 2007, on 26th September 2015 we finally tied the knot in the Holy Matrimony and officially announced as husband and wife! HOORAY!! *big applause, please~* Getting married at Church gave me that romantic feeling which I've always been dreamed about since I was a teenager. It felt so beautiful. Tears dropped on my face right at the moment when I stepped into the Church. I really don't want to cry on my wedding day, but I just couldn't hold it anymore :( Moreover when I looked around, and I saw my dearest friends and families standing there to celebrate the joy with me. This overwhelming happiness filled my heart and yeah, it was my dream come true <3

Venue: Gereja Katolik Kerahiman Ilahi - Tiban Batam

Honestly, I dislike the chair which boyfriend husband and I sat on. The back of the chair was so high, it blocked my gown, I couldn't spread the long tail of my gown :(



We were asked to give our respect to both parents and received their blessings

What did my mom tell him? Was it something like "you better take good care of my daughter or I will kill you!" HAHAHA :p


Recited our wedding vow and be blessed :)
"Saya Paulus Detarianto/Jeanne Yanti Rostarina memilih engkau Jeanne Yanti Rostarina/Paulus Detarianto, menjadi istri/suami saya. Saya berjanji untuk setia mengabdikan diri kepadamu dalam untung dan malang, di waktu sehat dan sakit. Saya mau mengasihi dan menghormati engkau sepanjang hidup saya."

Exchanging wedding ring <3
"Terimalah cincin ini sebagai lambang cinta dan kesetiaanku kepadamu."

The groom is now allowed to open the veil of the bride
Are you ready to see your cry baby pretty bride? >:)

TAA-DAA! And we are now officially husband and wife *HOORAY*
I did cry a lot, my mascara has ruined and I think that my fake eyelashes were about to fall down too, LOL!!

Our relatives who shared the joy with us <3

Oh no, did I cry again? -_-!!

Meanwhile, the bridesmaid and groomsmen were preparing for these pretty balloons~

My pretty bridesmaid ready with their balloons <3

We signed, the witness signed and the Pastor signed :)

My uncle (who represents my dad), my mom, me, Pastor, boyfriend husband, his mom and his dad

Some family pictures

And they lived happily ever after :)
The end? NOOO!! This is only the beginning of our new life <3

The Wedding: Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is something you'll want to wear forever, so you have to choose it wholeheartedly <3

We set the budget and decided the metal. Yellow gold is not an option because I don't like it. hahaha.. So at first, we wanted it to be white gold. But remember my engagement ring (read here)? It's a rose gold combine with a little bit of white gold with diamonds in lines. Simple design yet looks gorgeous. Since then, we kinda fell in love with rose gold, lol.

When we were in the store (BELVA Jewellery), we tried a lot of rings including the white gold ones. They have so many designs available for you to choose. You can also order your own design with your own budget, it's custom-made, like ours. Ours are not really "custom-made", but it went like this: there are 2 pairs of ring, call it pair A and another pair is pair B. We would like to get one of the ring's design from pair A and another one from pair B, which makes them into a pair in the end. We discussed our budget with the store's salesman and then measured our finger size. Don't worry, it can be resized if it comes too tight or too loose. We also got the lifetime guarantee so we can resize it anytime we want even if in a few years later, free of charge. After a long wait (a month, lol), we finally got our ring! *happy*

My ring has some mini size diamonds in lines at left and right side of the center diamond. 
While his ring only got one diamond in the center.
Both are pure rose gold :)

We are very satisfied with our wedding ring and we are so in love with it. It's definitely a ring that we'll want to wear forever <3

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Wedding: Wedding Bouquet

I'm not only dream of my wedding dress but also my wedding bouquet <3 At first, I wanted to go with a bouquet of peonies, but the florist told me that September is not the season of peonies :( So yeah, in the end I decided to go with roses. I know roses are very mainstream, but somehow it makes me feel romantic, classically romantic and beautiful. lol. But roses has a lot of color range, which color should I go with? After a long discussion with the florist, we decided to make an ombre pink bouquet! Sounds pretty and I loved that idea :)

My wedding bouquet was from Lamore flower (their instagram: The owner is very talented at flower arrangement. All of her blooms look so beautiful. I totally recommend to all of you. Order your bouquet with for any occasions! You won't be disappointed :) 

Here are some pictures showing my ombre pink rose wedding bouquet :)

Too bad, I couldn't find a picture which show the whole looks of my bouquet.
So I went to instagram and found my bouquet there! hahaha :D

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Read about "The Wedding: Gate Crash Games and Fetch the Bride" -> CLICK HERE

The Wedding: Gate Crash Games and Fetch the Bride

Read about The Wedding: Bride Getting Ready -> CLICK HERE

The bride was ready and the bridesmaid have been waiting since dawn, but the groom and his best man have not appeared yet! What took them so long? O.o?

What?! They were still preparing?! (//_-)

Come on, brothers! Be quick, please! These treats have been waiting for you since dawn~
HAHAHAHA *evil laugh*
Pretty props are prepared by my best friend, Dini. Too bad, she couldn't join us due to some reasons T_T

Alright! We're ready to face the challenges!! HOHOHO~

Wedding Gate Crash is a series of tests games which the groom and his best man have to go through in order to get to his bride. It's typically planned and carried out by the bridesmaid. They are allowed to enter the house and fetch the bride after they overcome all of the tests given. The gate crash is one of the main highlights of the day, it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not torturous. So my mom (yes, my mom), she set some rules for us. She said that we may use food for the games as long as it doesn't cause stomachache! lol. And also, the games have to be fun and not making the groom and groomsmen feel humiliated. Okay, well noted, mommy!

They finally arrived! :D

They looked so brave, lol~
They didn't know what's waiting over there >:)

Met the bridesmaid and gave out angpao
You think some angpaos can save you guys? HAHAHAHA *big evil laugh*
This is just the beginning~

What?! Wear a bra?!

They were so obedient, not even complaining, HAHAHAHA!!

Bridesmaid: "First stage, dance like this, as shown on the ipad!"

Happily dance~~~~~ :*)

Shit on diapers for the second stage!
No, of course it wasn't shit! It was just some mustard sauce, lol >:D
The diapers have been coated with a layer of transparent plastic, so it was safe! :P

Next, tied their hands together and did some face drawings~

Oh no~ had to finish all of these marshmallows covered in thick mustard and chocolate sauce?
It's hard :(

Gave up? come come, angpaos~ nyahahahaha!

Next round, seaweed passing! >_<
The rule is to pass the seaweed only by using mouth and the last person have to eat the seaweed!

Well, everybody's tired already. Let's have some drink, don't worry, it's mineral water!
Pure water, no tricks! hahahaha :D
But why did you guys drink it with your eyes closed? LOL!

They conquered all challenges given and got the PASS to see the bride!

WAIT! It's not over yet? What's those little hands asked for?
AAhhh~ Angpao? There you go~~
*happily gave out angpao*

"FINALLY! They opened the door for me and let me see my bride!", said the groom.

*kiss* <3

Gave respect to great-grandmother and mother
I've set my mind from the night before, even from a long time ago, I don't want to cry on my wedding day.

But my mom cried first.

I really tried very hard not to drop a single tear. But oh no, my make up was ruined! T_____T

To the wedding car~

Got in the car~

Alright, we're ready to go! (\(^o^)/)

Photo Credit: Mathias Tjhin