Monday, 19 October 2015

The Wedding: Gate Crash Games and Fetch the Bride

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The bride was ready and the bridesmaid have been waiting since dawn, but the groom and his best man have not appeared yet! What took them so long? O.o?

What?! They were still preparing?! (//_-)

Come on, brothers! Be quick, please! These treats have been waiting for you since dawn~
HAHAHAHA *evil laugh*
Pretty props are prepared by my best friend, Dini. Too bad, she couldn't join us due to some reasons T_T

Alright! We're ready to face the challenges!! HOHOHO~

Wedding Gate Crash is a series of tests games which the groom and his best man have to go through in order to get to his bride. It's typically planned and carried out by the bridesmaid. They are allowed to enter the house and fetch the bride after they overcome all of the tests given. The gate crash is one of the main highlights of the day, it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not torturous. So my mom (yes, my mom), she set some rules for us. She said that we may use food for the games as long as it doesn't cause stomachache! lol. And also, the games have to be fun and not making the groom and groomsmen feel humiliated. Okay, well noted, mommy!

They finally arrived! :D

They looked so brave, lol~
They didn't know what's waiting over there >:)

Met the bridesmaid and gave out angpao
You think some angpaos can save you guys? HAHAHAHA *big evil laugh*
This is just the beginning~

What?! Wear a bra?!

They were so obedient, not even complaining, HAHAHAHA!!

Bridesmaid: "First stage, dance like this, as shown on the ipad!"

Happily dance~~~~~ :*)

Shit on diapers for the second stage!
No, of course it wasn't shit! It was just some mustard sauce, lol >:D
The diapers have been coated with a layer of transparent plastic, so it was safe! :P

Next, tied their hands together and did some face drawings~

Oh no~ had to finish all of these marshmallows covered in thick mustard and chocolate sauce?
It's hard :(

Gave up? come come, angpaos~ nyahahahaha!

Next round, seaweed passing! >_<
The rule is to pass the seaweed only by using mouth and the last person have to eat the seaweed!

Well, everybody's tired already. Let's have some drink, don't worry, it's mineral water!
Pure water, no tricks! hahahaha :D
But why did you guys drink it with your eyes closed? LOL!

They conquered all challenges given and got the PASS to see the bride!

WAIT! It's not over yet? What's those little hands asked for?
AAhhh~ Angpao? There you go~~
*happily gave out angpao*

"FINALLY! They opened the door for me and let me see my bride!", said the groom.

*kiss* <3

Gave respect to great-grandmother and mother
I've set my mind from the night before, even from a long time ago, I don't want to cry on my wedding day.

But my mom cried first.

I really tried very hard not to drop a single tear. But oh no, my make up was ruined! T_____T

To the wedding car~

Got in the car~

Alright, we're ready to go! (\(^o^)/)

Photo Credit: Mathias Tjhin


  1. Lucu2 gamesnya, ini makan waktu berapa lama ya? XD

    1. iyah nie, saudara2ku nonton dari jendela, mereka ketawa ampe ngakak.. hahaha.. mestinya sih waktu buat mainnya 1 jam dari jam 5.45 ampe jam 6.45.. tapi groom beserta brothernya datangnya telat, jam 6.15 baru mereka datang.. jadinya cuma setengah jam deh mainnya.. dipercepat n dipermudah semua kayaknya.. hahahaha.. :D

  2. hahahahaha gokil, ada2 ja ide ngerjaiinya.
    kreatif wkwkwkwkwwk

    1. iyah ci, ide temen2ku itu semua.. hahaha.. :D

  3. Yang pake beha itu kalau koko mungkin bakal ngerasa humiliated banget hahahah *team pria yang anti-baju-pink dan suka kemakan gengsi sendiri* :))))
    Gak ditanyain yang aneh-aneh yan? Hahahaha. Kalau aku cuma dikasih pertanyaan-pertanyaan gitu, trus salah satunya jadi ketahuan deh first kiss dimana LOL.
    Aaaahhh, seru ya. Sayang gak bisa ke Batam :D Mamamu pasti nangis lah yan, anak pertama bok yang akhirnya merit. Dan itu pun setelah perjuangan dia as single mother berusaha gedein anak2nya, jadi dia pasti terharu banget ya :") Kalau mamaku emang orangnya syalala tralala trilili gitu hahaha. Jadi sama sekali ga pake nangis-nangis LOL.

    1. hahaha.. tenaaannngg, semua games nya udah dianalisa dengan tingkat humoris groom n brothernya.. jadi aman deh :D
      gak ditanyain macam2 vi.. cuma mereka datangnya telat setengah jam, jadinya waktu buat games nya berkurang banyak, jadi semua digampang2in gitu biar cepet..
      iyah, padahal aku gak pengen nangis, ntar jadi jelek, lol. tapi gak bisa nahan air mata juga klo liat mama nangis..huhuhu..