Friday, 20 November 2015

Ribbed Cowl/Scarf and Pom Pom Beanie

I always envy with those who lives in 4 seasons country. Imagine myself crocheting a scarf for someone I love, maybe my husband, families or friends, that's just so sweet! Because our country, Indonesia, does not have fall or winter season, so this dream of mine will remain as a dream, forever. A dream which will never come true :(

But there are many ways lead to Rome :D We've been planning for a holiday trip to Japan in early December, people told us that there won't be snow yet, but it will be a bit cold. So I thought perhaps this is a good chance for me to crochet a scarf for us which we can actually wear during our holiday :) *BIG SMILE!*

I immediately went to to look for a pattern. I've been following her blog since few years ago, she's a very talented crochet pattern designer :) Then I decided to go with the easy ribbed pom pom beanie (pattern HERE). It has been a long time since the last time I picked up my yarn and hook, so I'm a bit nervous, lol.

I am using King Cole's Fashion Aran yarn (70% Acrylic 30% Wool) and a 6 mm hook.

I chained 50 and sc along the chains

ch 1 and turn, it looks like this from above

As instructed, work in back loops only, sc in each sc across

This is how the beanie looks like after a few rows. By working in the back loops only, the front loops formed a ribbed pattern which is very similar to knitting.

I crocheted in a very loose tension and this piece can stretch a lot, so I stopped at 65 rows.

Then I thread my yarns through the end of the rows (the longer edge) and pull tightly until it left no hole.

Join the two sides together with a seam to form a hat

My beanie turned out to be too long, so I need to fold it up twice to give it a nice rim :)

Made a very cute pom pom <3

Attached the pom pom to the beanie, and I am done! yeay! ^o^

I am very happy with my pom pom beanie, it fits me perfectly! <3 Then I thought I want a scarf, a matching scarf, so I began to crochet a long chain. I forgot how many chains I got, but the scarf measures 150 cm length.

This scarf is crocheted using the same pattern as the pom pom beanie (working in the back loops only), but I did dc for all rows instead of sc. Thus, it formed a bigger ribbed pattern than the beanie.

The ribbed texture is very soft and fluffy <3

It was originally a scarf until I decided to sew the two edges together :)

It's a cowl now! :D

Well, here are my cowl and beanie, am ready for holiday! <3

Currently, I am working on another scarf and beanie for my husband, will update here when it's done :)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pregnancy Journey: I am a mom to be!

Aku termasuk wanita yang memiliki siklus haid yang sangat teratur, biasanya berkisar antara 25-28 hari dan tidak pernah lebih telat dari itu. Aku pake aplikasi Love Cycle untuk mencatat siklus haid dan aplikasi ini cukup akurat dalam memprediksi tanggal haid selanjutnya, palingan cuma maju/mundur 1 hari dari tanggal yang diprediksi. Nah, menurut kalender Love Cycle ini, seharusnya aku haid lagi di tanggal 12 Oktober. Seperti biasa, aku udah siap sedia pembalut, menunggu tamu yang datang tiap bulan itu, hehehe..

Tapiiiii tamu bulanan ini gak kunjung datang, telat sehari.. dua hari.. tiga hari.. seminggu! Suami sih seneng banget pas dikasih tau aku udah telat haid seminggu dan dia sudah sangat yakin bahwa aku hamil. Namun aku masih ragu-ragu. Aku butuh bukti nyata, LOL. Pas udah telat 2 minggu, kita beli test pack. Udah deg-degan rasanya gak sabar pengen tau "bener gak sih hamil?" Lalu dipakailah test pack nya sesuai petunjuk. HASILNYA GAK ADA GARIISSS!!! klo negatif juga harusnya muncul 1 garis, tapi ini udah ditungguin lama banget tetep aja gak ada garis sama sekali, hahaha.. kesimpulannya: TEST PACK RUSAK -_-!!

Aku kecewa, padahal aku udah excited banget, lol. Suami berusaha menghibur "percaya saya, kamu positif hamil". hahaha.. Tapi karena aku tetep pengen punya bukti *kekeuh banget*, jadilah minggu depannya kita beli lagi test pack, kali ini gak cuma beli 1 dong! Kita beli 3 test pack sekaligus dengan berbagai merk berbeda! And this time, the results curved a really BIG SMILE on our face :D Semua test pack, tiga-tiganya menunjukkan 2 garis!!! And yeah, I felt satisfied, I finally got the proof that I am pregnant :)

xixixixixi *senyum-senyum bahagia*

Seminggu kemudian, 05 November 2015, kita ke dokter kandungan untuk pertama kalinya. Aku ke Dr. Djoko Kirana, SpOG lokasinya di ruko Alexandrite Gading Serpong. Rekomendasi dari temenku, katanya ini dokternya baik, sabar, detil dan tidak terburu-buru klo konsultasi. Dan bener! Dokternya sama sekali gak buru-buru, sabar ngejelasin dan malah nanyain terus kita masih ada pertanyaan yang ingin ditanyain gak.

Menurut dokter, aku umur pregnancy nya sudah masuk ke 7 weeks pada saat itu. Kaget dong, "HAH!! 7 WEEKS?!" kita aja nikahnya baru sebulan lebih dikit, hahaha.. Well, ternyata umur pregnancy itu dihitung dari Hari Pertama Haid Terakhir (HPHT). HPHT aku tanggal 17 September, that's why hitungannya udah 7 weeks pada saat itu, hehehe.. Kalo dihitung-hitung pas banget yah kita nikahnya pas lagi dekat masa subur, xixixixixi~ Saat di USG, sudah kelihatan kantung kahamilan, kantung makanan baby dan embrio baby nya yang masih ukuran sekitar 1 cm, hehehe.. kata dokter, ini ukurannya sangat normal. Puji Tuhan :)

This feeling, when we know that we're gonna be parents very soon, is really wonderful. I think it's another level of happiness :) And my dear Baby, please be healthy, because we're gonna go for holidays in early December, Japan is waiting or us! *yeay!*

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Wedding: Wedding Banquet Dinner

Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA. Lately, I'm just too busy lazy to do anything :p So this turned out to be a very latepost. The wedding banquet was the most cheerful part of the day, no tears, only PARTY! lol~

Front view of our wedding stage

A more close-up side view :)

The Ballroom - Venue at Planet Holiday Hotel Batam
Decoration by Exotica Wedding Decor Batam

Makeup by Esther from Esthermua Batam <3
Unlike wedding reception in Jakarta, here we need to prepare 1-2 hours before, to welcome all the guests at the entrance of the ballroom. The reception dinner will start when all the guests have arrived, or at the latest at 20:00.

My sister and cousins
Yup, Almost all of my cousins are younger than me! Some of them are still babies, lol!
I feel old already -_-

The MC welcomed our parents to the ballroom, then they took a seat.
Family tables were in red color, others were in peach :)

Prepare for the bride and groom's grand entrance!

All of the guests stood up to welcome us and there was this huge applause, this feel is somehow amazing! <3

Did the confetti just hit right in his face? HAHAHAHAHA..

Walked slowly, I enjoyed this moment a lot, I really did (\(^o^)/)
Wedding gown from Catherine Wedding Jakarta
Groom suit from Pizzaro Sensation Design Jakarta

Finally reached the stage :)

Wedding cake, it was actually a styrofoam cake, none of the tiers were real.
Well, we didn't want to spend money on the wedding cake, moreover nobody would really pay attention to the wedding cake, right? :p

Although our wedding cake was fake, but the cake we ate at the stage was REAL CAKE, hahaha..

I love my wedding gown a lot! Wedding gown was from Catherine Wedding Jakarta <3
His groom suit was from Pizzaro Sensation Design Jakarta <3

Carefully walked down the stage, my gown was a little bit heavy, it weights around 9 Kg ~_~

We joined the family table and ate together with the other guests as well.
But after a few dishes, we went around to do the mingle.

Here come the food

Guests were enjoying the food served :)

Detail view of my wedding gown and hair-do
Makeup and hairdo by Esther from Esthermua Batam

Ready for the mingle session :)

Mingle, went around the ballroom from table to table greeting the guests

Wedding toast, they didn't open the champagne bottle for us.
We need to shake it until it opened itself, trust me, it's not as easy as it seems, haha..
We did shake really hard!

It tastes good <3

Calling up our relatives to have another glass of wedding toasts with us on stage and yelled a very long and loud YAAAAMMMM-SSSEEENNNNGGGG!!!!

The guests also stood up and yelled YAAAAMMM-SSSEEENGGG!!!
Shouting Yam Seng is one of the Chinese's tradition when having a wedding toast :) 

Continued our mingle session after the Yam Seng~

At the exit door of the ballroom, the guests were going home, thank you all for coming <3

The party is over in 2 hours, it was very short, but I enjoyed all of the moments so much :)

After being in a relationship for almost 8 years, we finally tied our knot. And we feel so blessed that our dearest families and friends were there to celebrate this joy with us. Thank you to everyone who has helped and joined us in our celebration of love. All of you made our day! <3