Friday, 22 January 2016

Pregnancy Journey: Week 18 First Fetal Movement

It's been more than 2 months since my last post. Although it's too late, but I still want to wish everybody a happy new year!! :)

I was very busy since last December, because after our Japan trip, we moved back to our hometown (Batam). Yes, we're no longer live in Jakarta. This is not a sudden decision, but we've considered a lot and have prepared everything for months.

And people around us are so worry about my pregnancy. Karena Chinese itu punya banyak sekali pamali atau pantangan terkait kehamilan. Contohnya: wanita hamil tidak boleh pindahan rumah, tidak boleh angkat-angkat barang, tidak boleh ada kegiatan paku-paku dinding di rumah, tidak boleh pindah-pindahin perabot di rumah, dan masih banyak lagi tidak bolehnya.. haha.. tapi sepertinya aku sudah melakukan banyak hal yang dianggap pamali atau pantangan tersebut. Bukan karena aku gak percaya, tapi memang karena situasi n kondisi. Kita lagi pindahan, tidak hanya pindah rumah, tapi pindah kota dari Jakarta ke Batam.. sudah pasti lebih repot daripada hanya pindah rumah. Tapi mau ada pantangan atau tidak pun, kita tetap harus lebih berhati-hati dan tetap berdoa supaya baby dalam kandungan sehat-sehat saja..

Thanks God, currently my pregnancy is in the beginning of week 18 and the last USG showed the baby is healthy and everything's normal :) Two days ago, when we were lying on the bed while playing mobile games and watching TV, suddenly I felt a wavy movement inside my belly. I spontaneously said to my husband who's lying beside me "beb, I think our baby is moving!" Then he immediately put his hands above my belly and "thump!!" It felt like a kick, strong enough to surprised us :D We were so happy, it was the very first time we felt the fetal movement. We hugged and I cried, LOL. This is a feel of happiness which I never experienced before. I think I've reached another level of happiness, hahaha..

But there's 1 thing that keeps me worrying, it's about my blood type, I am an O negative! I will talk about this next time :)