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Hi, I'm Yanti Rostarina. I'm just an ordinary girl who has been living in this world as Yanti Rostarina since 07 January 1990. I can't ride bicycle, I can't swim, I can't sing, I'm not a genius, but I'm a crafter. Crafting is my passion. When I was a kid, I remember that my mother loved to do beadwork. I loved watching her, I loved the finished product that she made, but I'm not interested in "doing it myself". I just kinda obsessed with anything related to craft. I love seeing handmade items. And lately I think I found where my craft soul is. I fell in love with hooks and yarns. Then I started to learn about crochet and I absolutely love it! Currently, most of the pattern that I used for my projects are from the internet written by other crafters, but I wish one day I could write my own pattern and share it to the world :) There's a quote saying that "Everything starts with a dream, make that dream your purpose." I don't know who is the author of that quote, I read it somewhere and I just remember =]

Previously, this blog's name was afternoon-talk, but then I changed it to Glarery. Why? Afternoon-talk, I kinda feel it was very plain and not unique. Then why glarery? Glarery is just a random name given by my friend when I was in high school. I just love the word of "glarery", so I used it as my yahoo messenger ID, my online shop name, my username on any site and now I am using it as my blog name. I've searched everywhere and I couldn't find any meaning of the word. So I asked my friend, and according to him, it's just a word that pop up to his mind at that time. A huge thanks to that friend of mine ♥ ha ha! But if you do find the meaning of "glarery", I would love to hear it ;)

On March 01, 2014 I changed my blog url into yantirostarina.

And oh, I also love Korea very much! I love everything about Korea, love the country eventhough I've never been there *I saw it on TV*, but I will make sure that one day I will be there =] I love their drama and their music. K-drama and k-music are kinda addictive! Once I start watching a series of k-drama, it feels like I can't stop until the last episode. In a word, Korea, daebak!!!

Although I'm just an ordinary girl, but I do have many things that I love including people around me. I have a great mum. I'm so amazed by her strength, passion, faith, everything in her so that she could raise her three children so well. Yes, I'm saying that I'm a good girl :p I also have a dad, a dad who raised me up (now he's in Heaven). And I have one younger sister and one younger brother, not a doubt that I love them much. Besides of my family, I have a very lovely boyfriend husband named Detarianto. We've been together for years, like forever. Yes, forever. He's always there with me through thick and thin. I love the way he loves me and I do love him very much. I love it the most when we're talking about our future and how we will make it come true ♥ Even there's no candlelight and roses, I will still love him. Love isn't perfect. It doesn't always come easy. Love is day-to-day living, taking time, making time to be there, with open arms and a giving heart. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives me a fairytale. =] I also have my friends, and I love our friendship. I'm really glad that God is so good, He sent me all of these people to be around me, so I never feel alone in this big big world.

This blog is about the things I love, what I do and also the people I spent my time with. In my childhood, I used to have a diary. I love to write things down. Some people may find that this is weird. But what I thought is memories will fade. What if one day I lose my memory? What if I suffer alzheimer in my old days? This writing will help me remember or at least it will help me feel that I was once alive =] Of course, I can't write every day. Life gets busier and I start to feel that 24 hours a day isn't enough. But I promise that I will write once I had the time and energy =]

I did not expect this to be a long post, but somehow it turned out that way. If you read from the beginning 'till here, then you're really a very patient person to read all of my unimportant chatter. I'm very glad that you stopped by and please feel free to surf around my blog and enjoy! =]


Yanti Rostarina

Please respect me by not copying my writing or using my pictures without my permission. At least, please put a link back to my blog. Thank you ♥

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